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If You Would Like to Learn How To Increase Your Monthly Cashflow by Multiplying Your Income-Producing Assets, You Now Have A Limited  Opportunity to Get Your Hands on All Twelve of My 
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My mission is to help people move into the glorious Position of F-You. This is a position of financial strength where you have complete control of your time... your life.

In the you study the Cashflownaire Path To Freedom chart above, you'll see exactly how you can achieve time freedom where your main source of monthly income flows from assets you own, not from your labor.

On a high-level, you can achieve time freedom by increasing your ownership of income-producing assets.

If there's a secret to financial success, that's it.

The cool part about this Cashflownaire Path to Freedom is that you can accelerate the speed at which you achieve time freedom by learning how to multiply your income-producing assets.

In other words, develop...

The Ability to...

This skill is - by far - the most powerful money-making skill you could ever develop. In fact, if you master this ONE skill, you probably won't have to worry about money ever again.

And if you learn how to do it, I mean really do it, you can virtually write your own ticket.

Why is this the case?

Well, think about the retirement plan we've all been taught to follow.


You're forced to SAVE for decades to build up your asset base. This asset base is then supposed to support you during your retirement.

When you learn how to multiply your assets...

You Won't Need To Work Full Time Hoping
To Save Your Way to a Great Retirement

Instead you'll be able to quickly increase your cashflow by multiplying your existing assets.

Seriously, think about this for a minute and you'll see that it's the fastest way to achieve your monthly income goals.

Take me, for example.

I've developed the ability to quickly multiply income-producing assets. This simply means that I'm able to systematically increase my ownership of assets with each passing week.

These new assets then go on to acquire even more assets.

And the best part about this is that most of this happens automatically while I'm running, hiking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, or enjoying a great book.

All of this is pretty cool; however, in my not-so-humble opinion, the best part is the control you'll have over the cashflow you create when you multiply your assets.

You can this monthly cashflow to...

1. Quit Your Job.
2. Pay Off All Of Your Debt.
3. Build a Financial Fortress

Compare this to the retirement plan you're probably following. You know, the plan where you automatically save 15% of your paycheck into mutual funds & ETFs.

... where the only way you'll be successful is by working full-time for 20, 30, or 40 years.

... where you must hope and pray that the market doesn't crash before you're finally able to retire.

... where you trade away most of your life with one massive investment speculation on the direction of the market.

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way.

You can start to learn how to multiply your income-producing assets by studying the twelve full Issues of my 2022 Cashflownaire Newsletter!

I've combined all 12 of the 2022 Issues of my Cashflownaire Newsletter into what will certainly be an extremely valuable book for your family.

Inside each Issue, you'll find new ideas and strategies you can use to increase your cashflow, as I share everything I'm doing with my personal investments.

In many Issues, I also include case studies from my coaching clients and other Cashflownaire Members.

In addition, the actual asset multiplication strategies, we also work a lot on mindset.

More specifically, overcoming any limiting belief and any fear you may have surrounding the action steps required to improve your financial situation.

Here's a quick overview of everything you'll get instantly:

Chapter #1
The January 2022 Issue

My Main Cashflow Strategies
An Investment with a 1,722% Annual Return
A cool way to overcome limiting beliefs
How to PRINT Money with Vacant Land
How to CREATE Cashflow by Solving Problems
BONUS Report: How ONE Billionaire Quietly Reinvested into Generational Wealth

Chapter #2
The February 2022 Issue

How to guarantee you'll get rich (seriously)
The Compounding Business Model
How to be a Land Raider
Create Very Attractive Cashflow from UNBUILDABLE LAND.
The business I copied with my real estate brokerage to generate millions in revenue
A powerful daily workout that will get you in the best shape of your life
The 100-Mile Challenge
BONUS Report: The Path to Early Retirement with the FIRE Movement

Chapter #3
The March 2022 Issue

The STRESS FREE Way to Make Consistent Progress Toward Your Goals
How to accelerate the magical power of compound interest
How to Create MULTIPLE Future $10,0000 income streams
The Real KEY to Compounding Success
Use this little free course to build a valuable network
The BEST Way to Invest Your Time
BONUS Report: The Money Playbook

Chapter #4
The April 2022 Issue

WHY you should ALWAYS start with the END in Mind
How to build GENERATIONAL Family Wealth
The REAL Assets of Your Family
Four WEALTH Transfer Vehicles
The MAGICAL Business Marketing Funnel
How to systematically improve your confidence levels!
BONUS Report: How to Compound Family Assets

Chapter #5
The May 2022 Issue

Carl Icahn's MAIN Investment Strategy & How You Can Use It To Your Advantage
Why YOU Should Have Your Own Positive Cashflow Business
How to Create CONSISTENT Business Cashflow Without a Membership Business
How to Create & Leverage a very Powerful Business Asset
Another Idea You Can Use to Improve Your Self Confidence
An Important 30-Day Challenge
BONUS Report: Key Business Assets

Chapter #6
The June 2022 Issue

How to Profit from the Stock Market Decline
What You MUST Do If You're a ONE Person Business
How to Generate Attractive Crypto Cashflow
The EASY Way to Accomplish Anything
The FAST & EASY Way to Create Automated Business Cashflow
Why you should start using DCA immediately
BONUS Report: How to Build Generational Family Wealth

Chapter #7
The July 2022 Issue

Why You MUST Own Assets at the Bottom of the Market
How You Can Buy MORE ASSETS At the Bottom of the Market
How to USE Daily AUTOMATIC Investments With Your BEST Long-Term Opportunities
Why It Is IMPORTANT To Always Accept Responsibility for  Problems
How to Systematically Improve Your Home
BONUS Report: How You Can Use Business Entities to Protect Wealth

Chapter #8
The August 2022 Issue

How to Get Out of the Should Business
How to TRIPLE YOUR CASHFLOW with Mini Experiments
How to Set Up Asset Acquisition Vehicles
How to GET LUCKY - Seriously!
The 80/20 Rule (revisited)
BONUS Report: The Top 10 Lessons from Rich Dad

Chapter #9
The September 2022 Issue

My Not-So-Pretty Investment Property Purchased for $1,500
A Crypto Bot Cashflow Update
How to Get Paid to Buy High Yield Dividend Stocks
A Cool Way to MAXIMIZE Your Cashflow from Mini-Experiments

Chapter #10
The October 2022 Issue

The ONLY Thing You Can Really Control in Life
Why I focus on small deals
How to FUND mini experiments offering UNLIMITED CASHFLOW
How I Ran A Great Business Into the Ground (Step-By-Step)
My  Simple KETO Lifestyle
Use These 3 Techniques To Start Loving Your Life
BONUS Report: How to Invest Like the Wealthiest Universities in the World

Chapter #11
The November 2022 Issue

My New Tattoo
How to USE the Stoic Success Formula With Everything You Do
How to Turn Your Existing Assets into A LOT of CASHFLOW (Case Study)
An Ugly Money-Machine
Use this Letter to Systematically Raise Your Rents
BONUS Report: How to Invest in Royalties for Passive Income

Chapter #12
The December 2022 Issue

How to SELL (AND PROFIT FROM) TIME the Rich Day Way
The Cashflownaire Portfolio of Multiplying Assets
How to Avoid the Success Trap
Another Case Study on How You Can Multiply Assets
The BEST PRESENT You Can Give Yourself  for the Holidays!
BONUS REPORT: How to Avoid Going Broke in Retirement

This collection of my 2022 Cashflownaire Newsletters isn't just about making more money. It's really about living your life exactly how you want to live it. It's about not having to trade your time for money. It's about building self-discipline and self-confidence.

And for more honesty...

You won't find any get rich quick strategies in this material. The ideas I share in these newsletter will require work to set up and manage.

In many cases you'll have to face your fears to do what I teach.

This is why we work so hard on improving your mindset. This is also why you'll find a 30-day Badass Challenge in every single Issue.

These challenges are important because they will change who you are as a person. You'll improve your self-discipline, your self-confidence, your health, your strength and your financial situation.

 Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to walk the Cashflownaire Path to Freedom by TURNING each of these Twelve Issues into a great deal of cashflow for your family.

The last thing I'll say about all of this is... the Cashflow Manifesto is designed to be an income-producing asset for your family. If you have children and grandchildren, you have my permission to pass this valuable asset on to them!


Rob Minton

Rob Minton

NOTE: Any reference to income and cashflow stated in this letter are not guarantees. You may not make any money with your investments. I've been investing for over 25 years and have a great deal of experience. And as you know, most people never take any action with what they learn. Your results may vary depending on many factors including: your experience, your background, your work ethic and the amount of money you have to invest. Every investment entails risk including the various investments detailed within these Cashflownaire Newsletters. More importantly, you will have to roll up your sleeves and get to work to move into the glorious Position of F-You. If you're not willing to accept this, please DO NOT ORDER THE CASHFLOW MANIFESTO!

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