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Dear Cashflownaire,

I want to welcome you to my Cashflownaire Membership!

The goal of the Membership is rather simple.... to help you move into the glorious Position of F-You... so you never have to trade your time for money again! To move into this position of financial strength, we have three steps:

1. Create a monthly cashflow stream equal to twice your monthly living expenses.
2. Pay off all of your debt.
3. Build a financial fortress for your family.

To help you complete these three steps, I'll be sending you my accelerated cashflow investment systems including:

The goal of these accelerated cashflow systems is to help you increase your monthly cashflow - starting right now.

The best part is you don't need a lot of money to get started. You also don't need to have a perfect credit score. And last but certainly not least, you don't have to borrow any money, unless want to buy larger investment properties.

In fact, you can actually increase your cashflow TODAY with...

The Stock Market Accelerated Cashflow System

With this System, you'll learn to increase your cashflow every day by creating a dividend compounding machine of high-yielding dividend stocks.

You'll learn...

1. How to lock-in annual dividend yields of 9% to 15% annually!

2. How to find undervalued stocks & funds.

3. How to protect yourself from large losses!

VALUE = Annual Dividend Income of $40,000 in just 10 Years!

The Manufactured Home Accelerated Cashflow System

In this accelerated cashflow System, you'll learn how to create a large monthly cashflow with inexpensive manufactured homes. Manufactured homes are extremely profitable investments. You'll learn...

1. How to find and buy the best deals on the market. You won't find these deals in the MLS.

2. How to lock-in 15% to 20% annual returns without borrowing a penny.

3. How to use manufactured home investment properties to reach financial freedom!

Using the strategies in this System, you may be able to quit your job within just 12 months.

VALUE = $10,000 per home & Your FREEDOM.

Accelerated Cashflow System for Single-Family Homes

In this accelerated cashflow System, you'll learn how to significantly increase your cashflow with single-family homes. This includes...

1. How to get tenants to pay your LARGE UPFRONT nonrefundable payments before they move into your homes.

2. How to charge higher monthly rental rates on every investment property you own.

3. How to get your tenants to take care of all minor repairs.

4. How to lock-in $20,000 to $40,000 of profit on every property.

This system will show you how to offer your properties on rent to own programs giving you the ability to significantly increase your cashflow on every home you own.

VALUE = $30,000 (or more) on every home you own!

The AUTOPILOT Tenant Screening System

Rental real estate is one of the best strategies anyone can use to create a large monthly cashflow for their families. In this System, you'll learn...

1. How to show your rental properties without leaving home.

2. How to screen applications for the most qualified tenants.

3. Includes what you should look for and what you should be careful of when selecting the most qualified tenants.

We've all heard tenant horror stories. In just about every story, the entire problem could have been avoided had the landlord used these powerful tenant screening strategies.

VALUE = More profitable properties & peace of mind!

How to Use Real Estate to Pay for College

As we all know, college is extremely expensive these days. The cost to put ONE child through college can range from $100,000 to $300,000. In this book, you'll learn...

1. The easiest and best ways to save and pay for college.

2. How to have your tenants pay for your child's college entire education!

3. How to give your child income for life!

I used this system outlined in this book to fund the college educations of my two daughters. They will graduate without having to worry about paying large student loan balances. More importantly, they'll own a very profitable income-producing assets too. 

VALUE = $100,000 per child!

Here's What You'll Be Receiving Each Month As A Cashflownaire Member...

In addition to all of the accelerated cashflow Systems, you'll also receive my monthly
Cashflownaire Newsletter. This newsletter is jam packed with money making ideas.

How to Triple Your Money in 10 Years
My 11 Income Streams
The Lazy Person's Way to Riche$
How to Build a High-Yielding Dividend Compound Machine
How You Can Buy Time
How You Can Overcome Fear
The Cashflow Monthly Challenge
How to Protect Against Loss
Assets Buying Assets
A List of High-Yielding Dividend Stocks

Plus Our In Depth Wealth Research Reports

If you want what wealthy people have, you must do what wealthy people do.

In addition to the Cashflownaire Newsletter, you'll also be receiving a
BONUS RESEARCH REPORT detailing strategies used by the wealthiest people in the world


          The Stock Market Cashflow System                              $197.00   
          The Manufactured Home Cashflow System                $1,000.00
          The Single-Family Home Cashflow System                    $300.00
          The A-to-Z Apartment Cashflow System                        $200.00
          The AUTOPILOT Tenant Screening System                   $200.00
          The ACHIEVE Goal System                                               $99.00
          Library of Books & Special Reports                               $130.00
          Private Cashflow Coaching Call                                      $500.00
          Your First Cashflownaire Newsletter                                $97.00
          Your First Wealth Research Report                                 $100.00

TOTAL VALUE                                                                    $2,823.00

So How Much Is It?

The Cashflownaire Membership is $197 per month. However, with this special limited membership opening, you can lock in your Membership for just $39.95 per month. This is a monthly savings of $157.05. Even better, you'll lock in this discounted membership price for life.

As a new Member, you'll receive my Cashflownaire Newsletter and our Wealth Research Reports each month so you can "SEE" exactly how to use these strategies with your family!

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Don't Take My Word for The Power of this Membership...

"I've been a subscriber of Rob Minton's newsletters and other packages for almost 10 years and I can state, with no doubt whatsoever, that Cashflownaire has been the most inspiring and useful for me. The ideas and strategies are truly money-generating, if implemented of course. I'm really glad I found Rob all those years ago and hope to be a subscriber for as long as I live. Keep up the good work and more power to you, Rob!"
- Patrice Meze, Longtime subscriber

"Rob is always thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative and practical investment ideas designed to help us increase our monthly cashflow.  I look forward to every newsletter and have learned a lot from the videos and other suggested reading.  I always like to print his actual newsletter portion of the package to take with me as a hard copy. My son Connor and I used to turn our noses up at mobile homes as investments but Rob has given us a new way of viewing them as like our own ATM machines.  We've bought 2 so far this year and buying our 3rd by the end of the year." 
Greg Raymer

"Rob, I can;t say enough about how much your newsletter and emails have changed not only the way I view money and wealth, but more importantly, LIFE!  The extensive thought and effort you put into every issue is obvious, and I love the way that each issue builds on lessons from  previous issues.  I don't view your newsletter as "pleasure reading" but rather an education and inspirational course on money and life, which I have the pleasure of taking part in every month.  Thanks again Rob.  I'm a loyal Cashflownaire for as long as you will have me."  Vince Castagna

"I've been reading Rob's newsletter for about a year now and look forward to getting it every month. Rob provides a perspective I typically have not considered and a totally different perspective from what seems to be "main stream" these days and it's refreshing. I love how he breaks down concepts that are easy to understand, is focused on all areas of success from financial, mental and physical well being and provides actionable steps to do further investigation on concepts for the reader or the steps to implement right away." 
Matt Comeau

"Your latest Cashflownaire caused me to have flashbacks to a couple of scenes from an old 1983 movie by the name of “Blue Thunder” that featured the late Roy Scheider (Jaws) and Warren Oates, (Wild Bunch). In the movie, Scheider played Officer Francis McNeil "Frank" Murphy, a helicopter pilot who was facing psychiatric evaluation by his review board following a “stress related incident”.

Frank had a couple of “self-administered” sanity tests that he gave himself whenever he encountered stress or doubts; my favorite was that he would set his watch for 30 seconds and close his eyes -reopening his eyes EXACTLY in 30 seconds! ( Frank read somewhere that people who have lost touch with reality have no concept of time) he would do this several times a day just to make absolutely sure that he was fully cognizant and not losing his grip on the real world!

Rob, after reading your latest issue of Cashflownaire, I thought of Officer Francis McNeil "Frank" Murphy’s “sanity tests” and when I opened my eyes I thought: if I had this information 30 years ago that you have in this one newsletter issue, I could have saved a whole lot of frustration, hours away from my family, low pay, employers that didn’t appreciate me, missed opportunities and a lot more digits in my retirement account.

The Cashflownaire Principles are A-W-E-S-O-M-E and you do a hellava job putting the newsletter together every month. I have these Principles on my wall just so I don’t forget. Keep doing what you’re doing!" 
Joyce Wallace

"I have been a subscriber of "The Cashflownaire" since day 1, but I have been a student of Rob Minton for over 15 years! The Cashflownaire newsletter is about real-world advice, tips, and mentoring on how to live the "good life" in your money, relationships, and health. I spent tens of thousands of dollars a year on newsletters, coaching, and mentoring. I tell everyone I know that the one newsletter that I look forward to and devour Rob's newsletter, and if I were forced to stop spending money on all my education and can only keep one, "The Cashflownaire" would be the only one I keep!" 
J. Carlos Samaniego, EA


With your Cashflownaire Membership, you'll have every tool you need at your disposal to create a large cashflow stream for your family!

And of course, you can cancel anytime if it's not for you!


- Rob Minton

P.S. In case you're trying to save some time and just scroll to the end of this letter, here's the deal:

I have accepted your application for my Cashflownaire Membership. This acceptance is only valid for a few hours. As a new Member, you'll instantly receive several NEW MEMBER bonuses valued at $2,823.00. You'll also instantly receive the first Issue of my newsletter.

The membership is designed to help you reach your cashflow goals, improve your mindset and get in the best shape of your life. We will spend a lot of time working on how you can conquer limiting beliefs so you'll face your fears and do what you need to do for your family.

The membership is $39.95 per month and you can cancel at any time with a quick email to me.

Click Here to become a Member.

NOTE: Any reference to income and cashflow stated in this letter and video are not guarantees. You may not make any money with your investments. I've been investing for over 25 years and have a great deal of experience. And as you know, most people never take any action with what they learn. Your results may vary depending on many factors including: your experience, your background, your work ethic and the amount of money you have to invest. Every investment entails risk including the investments profiled in this letter and in the Cashflownaire membership. More importantly, you will have to take massive action to succeed as an investor. If you're not willing to accept this, please DO NOT JOIN THE MEMBERSHIP.

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