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Build a Financial Fortress with my Stock Market Cashflow System - VALUE $297

If you want to learn how to multiply your stock market assets in order to build a financial fortress for your family, this is the course for you!

You'll learn a powerful system you can use to generate 30% to 50% of annual cashflow in the stock market.

Even better, I'll show you how to use this cashflow to build a compounding money-machine of high-yield dividend stocks.

Imagine how cool it would be to be able to acquire hundreds of free shares of high yield dividend stock each year. Now, think about how this would look if all of these free dividends you start collecting were used to buy even more free shares!

Every dividend stock you acquire will become another brick in your financial fortress!

The Manufactured Home Cashflow System - VALUE $497

Manufactured homes have been my single best investment by a wide margin.

Yes, I know... most people laugh when they hear that I invest in manufactured homes.

Well, they can laugh all they want, because these investments actually perform better during challenging economic times. In fact, manufactured homes literally saved my family from bankruptcy back in the 2008 real estate crash.

Maybe the best part about investing in manufactured homes is that they actually become more profitable when tenants move out.

Manufactured homes are a great way to generate attractive real estate cashflow without having to take on a great deal of risk.

And last but certainly not least, manufactured homes give you the ability to multiply your assets at an accelerated pace. I'll show you how inside this course!

My New Book Detailing How You Can Build Generational Family Wealth - VALUE $97

If you were to study families that are able to maintain wealth for generations, you'll uncover several important commonalities.

In this new book, I've outlined these commonalities so that anyone could copy them systematically.

This powerful book is 156 pages long.

It details an extensive study of what wealthy families do to build AND maintain long-lasting wealth.

This isn't what typically happens with family wealth, which tends to be completely consumed by the 2nd or 3rd generation of the family.

You've probably heard the old saying, "shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations," right? Well, this book will show you how to avoid this from happening in your family.

In fact, here's what you'll learn...

The 12 Principles of Wealth  - (Page 3)
How to Invest & Build Wealth the 'OLD MONEY' Way - (Page 19)
The Hidden Rules of the Wealthy -  (Page 35)
How to Compound Family Assets - (Page 50)
How to Build Generational Family Wealth - (Page 70)
How to Use Business Entities to Protect Family Wealth (Page 88)
The Art of Wealth Preservation - (Page 124)
The Secrets of the Wealthy - (Page 140)

Plus, you'll also be receiving...

The $4,000,000  Wealth Blueprint - VALUE $397

Several years ago, I stumbled on an older, out of print book titled "The Wealthy 100." This book listed 100 of the wealthiest people throughout history. This book was an eye opener for me and changed my life.

I decided to perform a detailed study of the top ten people listed in the book. I studied Benjamin Franklin, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbuilt, John Jacob Astor, the Mellon Brothers, Henry Frick, Same Walton, Warren Buffett and, of course, Bill Gates. I tracked down every bit of information on all of these people that I could find. I read their biographies, took notes and made lists of everything they did to build their wealth.

I then spent days turning what I found it my own personal wealth building plan. In fact, I called this plan... the "The $4,000,000 Blueprint for Wealth."

I kept my plan private for many years. Sure, I shared bits and pieces in my various newsletters, books and presentations.

But I never shared the entire plan until I assembled this System back in 2009.

The $4,000,000 Wealth Blueprint was designed to help you build $4,000,000 of wealth:

A $1,000,000 BUSINESS - One business can lead to millions of dollars and income for you and your family.
A $1,000,000 REAL ESTATE PORTFOLIO - The ultimate goal is to create a mortgage-free monthly income of $10,000.00.
A $1,000,000 SELF-DIRECTED RETIREMENT ACCOUNT - These accounts are the most powerful wealth building tool you can use.
A MILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE - by creating new income streams dedicated to living your dream lifestyle!

In fact, here's a rough sketch of how this plan looks in action:

When I released the $4,000,000 Wealth Blueprint back in 2009, it was sent as a weekly program. Each week I released a new part of the plan, which included a specific steps you could take to implement the strategies outlined for that week.

The goal was to help you build your wealth in a step-by-step fashion by taking small actions every week.

Well, with this special offer to become a Cashflownaire Member, you'll get the entire $4,000,000 Wealth Blueprint instantly!

NOTE: This System was only offered one-time several years ago. It has been locked away in a digital vault for many years. Many of the strategies outlined in this System are easier and faster to implement today than they were back then!

But wait, there's more! You're also getting instant access to...

The Rules of Wealth Masterclass - VALUE $197

I've been studying wealthy people for 30 years. This study of wealth has uncovered a treasure trove of information we can use to our advantage.

You see, success really does leave clues.

In this course, you'll learn the most important commonalities of the wealthiest people in the world. These commonalities include how they think about money, how and why they work, what they do for exercise, and more.

More importantly,  I'll show you how to install these commonalities in your day-to-day life using my Daily Wealth System. Simply download this System and start using it every day and you'll start to automatically clone the wealthy commonalities with everything you do.

You'll also receive...

The Family Money Machine - VALUE $197

Out of everything I've done throughout the years, this SYSTEM might be the most powerful for building family wealth.

You'll learn how to build the retirement accounts for each member of your family WITHOUT having to save a penny.

I used this System several years ago to fund my daughter's retirement accounts. With this System, you'll learn...

1. The BEST way to "see" your retirement accounts.
2. How you can FULLY fund your retirement accounts without saving a penny.
3. The SINGLE best wealth building tool you can use for your family.
4. How you can turn $15 into $15,000.
5. How you can copy Peter Thiel (BILLIONAIRE)
6. How to Compound Cashflow

And if all of this isn't enough for you, you'll also be receiving...

All of the Cashflownaire New Member Bonuses - VALUED at $1,324.00

As a new member, you'll receive a virtual truckload of new member bonuses including...

- My Complete Rent to Own System for Maximizing Your Cashflow from Single Family Homes - Value $300.00

- My Student Rental Course Designed to Help You Double Your Cashflow from Single Family Homes (Value $97.00)

- My 80/20 Tenant Screening System (Value $200.00)

- A virtual library of reports and books ( Value $130.00)

- A Private Coaching Call (Value $500.00)

Plus, you'll also receive your very first Cashflownaire Newsletter! This newsletter is valued at $97.00.

And, to completely eliminate any doubt you may have about my Cashflownaire Membership, you're protected by my 90-day guarantee!


GUARANTEE: Take 3 months, get 3 Issues of the Newsletter, plus all of these additional FREE BONUSES, tools and gifts, review it all, try it, prove its value - and you decide. After receiving 3 Issues, if you like, you can cancel your subscription, and receive a full refund - no questions asked!

Here's a Quick Summary of Everything You'll Get Instantly...

The Stock Market Cashflow System  - VALUE $297.00
The Manufactured Home Cashflow System  - VALUE $497.00
How to Build Generational  Family Wealth Book  - VALUE $97.00
The $4,000,000 Wealth Blueprint  - VALUE $397.00
The Rules of Wealth Masterclass - VALUE $197.00
Compounding Blueprint - VALUE $97.00
Double Your Cashflow with Student Rentals - VALUE $97.00
My Achieve Goal System - VALUE $99.00
The Tenant Screening System - VALUE $200.00
My Rent To Own System - VALUE $300.00
A Library of Books & Reports - VALUE $130.00
Your First Issue of the Cashflownaire Newsletter - VALUE $197.00

Total Value:  $3,151.00

As soon as you order, you'll get instant access to everything.

So claim this offer now!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to helping you increase your cashflow!

-Rob Minton

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just scroll to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm offering you my best wealth building programs for FREE when you become a Cashflownaire Member!

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* The monthly cashflow and income stated in this letter are what I make with my accelerated cashflow investments. Please understand I'm not implying you'll duplicate my results (or do anything for that matter). I've been investing for over 25 years and have made many mistakes and have lost a lot of money. I've learned from each of these losses and have shared how I've become a better investor in this book. Most people who buy "how to" information don't actually implement the strategies and therefore get no results. Your results may vary and depend on many factors... including your investing background, experience, knowledge, work ethic and the amount of money you have to invest.  Every investment entails risk including the investments detailed in my book. More importantly, you will have to take massive action to succeed as an investor. If you're not willing to accept this, please don't join my Cashflownaire Membership.

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