When I was younger, I had a goal to build a large net worth. I had my “number,” and was working non-stop to get there.

Even worse, I took massive risk by borrowing aggressively to build wealth. The real estate market crashed and you know the rest of the story. My net worth instantly disappeared.

Even worse, I took this crash personally, and let go of every dream I had. Then I picked up limiting belief after limiting belief and began living a life of quiet desperation.

All of this changed in the summer of 2017.

I was watching an airshow with my daughter and freaked out at the stunt planes doing crazy stalls during the show. My daughter asked why I freaked out when seeing this, and I ended up telling her my story…

I started off telling her about how I wanted to buy my dream in North Carolina. My plan was to get my pilot’s license so we could come back to Ohio whenever we wanted. IN order to get my pilot’s license, I had to do stalls and they scared the hell out of me.

Right before a plane stalls, it sounds a warning siren to let the pilot know they’re in danger of stalling. This siren sound is still locked in my head.

I continued the story by telling her how I built up my real estate company. How I sold it as part of the plan to move to North Carolina. How were one initial from buying my dream home.  How the market crashed and I lost everything I had built up. How I became a different person going through all of these challenges.

When I finished my story, she says…..

“So you just quit?”

Holy hell. These four words rocked my world.

My 13 year old daughter called me out. And sadly, she was 100% correct. I had quit. I walked away from every BIG dream I had. I gave up.

Those four words changed my life. I decided to stop quitting. I decided to set BIG goals. I decided to dream again. I decided to get excited about life again. I decided to get off my ass and start helping people again.

In other words, I decided to rebuild myself… better, stronger, faster, and more importantly, wiser!

So I wrote this book detailing the money and investing lessons I learned through my financial crash. In the book, I detailed my personal financial plan and how I achieved financial freedom. You can find the book here.

Next, I started my Cashlfowanaire membership detailing the steps I was taking to rebuild myself. What I was doing mentally to let go of the limiting beliefs I acquired. What I was doing physically to get into the best shape of my life. And I even shared my plan on how I was transforming myself into a badass.

Yes, I have a badass plan and work on it every single month. I realized life is a lot better when you’re badass.

On top of all of this, I set a new financial goal. This goal is to create 1,000 income streams.

Yes, 1,000.


Why not?

LIfe is what you make it.

Why not make it amazing?

I’ve shared all of this, and exactly what I’m doing, in my Cashflownaire membership. I started this membership in November 2017, just a few months after my daughter called me out.

If you’re not happy with how things are going in your life, become a Cashflownaire and take the journey with me.  If you’ve settled and have let go of big dreams, join my membership here: https://dividendrealestate.com/membershipspecial/ 

When you join, you have instant access to every Cashflownaire newsletter. You don’t just get the current month. This is important because you get to copy what I’m thinking and doing to rebuild myself.

I will help you change your life.
I will help you dream BIG.
I will help you change your thinking.
I will help you become a badass.

You see, the most important part of rebuilding myself is my mission to help 1,000 people achieve the Position of F$#k You where you never have to answer to anyone for anything again.

P.S.  You probably noticed this, but my new goal of 1,000 income streams has nothing to do with building wealth, or having a certain net worth. It’s about creating monthly income.


Because chasing wealth is a fools game.

You end up trading away most of your life for a number. A number that really has no bearing on the quality of your life. You also end up taking financial risks that can lead to ruin.

The goal is on cashflow.

We can eat cashflow. We can use cashflow to go on amazing vacations. We can use cashflow to pay for our children’s college education. We can use cashflow to pay off our debt. We can use cashflow to pay our bills, and eliminate our need for a paycheck.

Get started here: https://dividendrealestate.com/membershipspecial/