Before the holidays, I received the annual email from Apple highlighting the top apps for the year. I scrolled through and found a recommendation for “1 Second Everyday.” Later that same day, I researched the app and ended up finding a TED Talk by the founder of the app. I’ve included it for you below.

I purchased the app and started recording 1 second of each day. I was so intrigued that I ended up going back to older family videos on my phone and started adding older videos to my 1 Second Everyday. Within just a few weeks of working on this, I now have a short snap-shot of our lives back to 2011.

I can honestly say that I love this app. I love how simple it is to use. I love the fact that each video is just 1 second. This makes it easier to record and easier to use.

More importantly, I love how it allows us to easily tie years of family memories together. If you watch my video as it stands right now, you’ll be able to see my kids grow up. You’ll be able to see our puppy turn into a big cuddle buddy. You’ll also see snapshots of some of our family vacations.

I realize this video means more to our family than it would to anyone else. There are dozens of funny stories surrounding many of these “1 seconds.” You can even add pictures into your 1 Second Everyday video stream. This potentially unlocks hundreds of digital photos trapped in your phone.

The best part is that my video changes every day. It compounds getting better with every passing month. I can’t imagine where it will be in 5 years? 10 years?

Will I have 1 second from my 50th bday? (Coming in just a few years!)
Will I have 1 second from my daughter’s wedding?
Will I have 1 second from the day my grandchildren are born?
Will I have 1 second from the 1st day my grandchild goes to kindergarten?

Since starting this, I’ve come to realize we each have incredible stories inside our phones. We use our phones to record snapshots of our lives. These snapshots have been trapped up until now.

This app brings YOUR story to life for YOUR family. It’s all right there for you now. It’s amazing.

Why am I sharing all of this?

Well, I’m hoping you get the app and start recording 1 second of your day. I think you’ll fall in love with the app and what you create. You’ll soon see how you can unlock the stories in your phone.

The app is $4.99. Trust me on this… it is worth every penny!

I try to live my life to minimize regret. Knowing what we can create with this simple app and not using it would bring me a great deal of future regret. If I were to fast-forward into the future without doing this, I would would be pissed off at myself.

If you hate regret too, get the app.

Here’s the TED Talk by the creator of 1 Second Everyday:

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