My friend Bedros Keullian recently sent out a list highlighting various ways fitness businesses can generate leads. I thought his list was fantastic and have re-written it for real estate agents. He suggested printing and saving the list. Not a bad idea.

1. Tag clients on Facebook and give them appreciation, then reach out to their local friends who “like” or comment and invite them to a free real estate class, home tour, open house or any other event you might be hosting.

2. Drop postcards in the mail to targeted homes within five miles of your office. Make a low barrier, irresistible offer with a deadline to respond by.

3. Distribute door hangers with similar offer as above to targeted prospects in your area. This could be apartment complexes, higher priced (affluent) homes, or a specific sub-division in your area.

4. Buy ads on Facebook, point them to a fan page with an awesome offer (free ebook, report, video) in exchange for an email address.

5. Get 30-50 lead boxes in local businesses that serve your ideal market. A lead box is a little box with an offer. Someone visiting the business can fill out a little form and drop it in your lead box. The forms dropped in the lead boxes become new leads for your business. In the fitness world, a lead box offer might be a free week trial membership. In real estate, you might use your best lead generation offer. A free list of luxury foreclosures, a report on how to sell your home in 14 days at full price, your book, or anything else that people visiting the business might want. Google “lead box” to get an idea of how these look.

6. Network with local business owners. Create a strategic alliance and promote each others businesses. I’ve written about this idea extensively over the years and refer to it as “joint venture” marketing. It’s one of the best ways you can generate high quality leads for your business.

7. Create 4-6 minute “how to” videos and post them up on youtube with your keywords and add a link to your site in the description box.

8. Buy traffic from google (ad words) and point them to your website. (be sure that your site converts well)

9. Build an email list of local prospects, business owners, your clients and former clients by offering free reports and ebooks on your website or blog.

10. Deliver killer content, articles, market updates, and case studies to your email list on a consistent bases so that your list will get to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

11. Periodically send out promotional emails to your email list with low barrier promotional offers and/or affiliate offers.

12. Craft phone and email scripts that convert to use when you get phone and email inquiries. These scripts become systems your business operates on saving you time and increasing sales – at the same time.

13. Make referral giving a condition of doing business with you.

14. Host client appreciation events and invite past clients, prospects, other business owners to attend. Have fun, network and get referrals.

15. Over deliver on results, service, recognition and appreciation.

16. Use Craigslist to generate buyer leads for free.

17. Craft and distribute press releases that tie your business in with human interest stories or news.

18. Get your website to rank for the top keywords that your community is searching for on google.

19. Setup lead conversion webinars and market these webinars to your email list.

20. Run free real estate classes consistently. These could be how to sell a home, how to buy a home, or how to invest in real estate. Free classes attract higher quality leads. I tested this significantly in my real estate business.

21. Turn your best lead generation offer into a free-standing insert and run your insert in your local newspaper. Inserts stand out and get noticed attracting more leads.

Are you using all of these strategies to generate leads for your business? If not, which ones should you start using now?

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