This is a guest post written by Joe Mercadante

Nowadays it seems that everyone is feeling the pain of this slow economy.  Real estate agents are certainly no exception to this.  No doubt, the real estate industry has been one of the hardest hit during this recession.  And it is expected to continue for some time.

Many agents have been forced to leave the industry as a result.  They are simply dropping like flies.  This is no secret.  It’s a fact that we all know to be too true and common these days.  I am sure we all know someone who has been affected.

But not ALL agents have left the industry.  There are still many that are doing just fine.  Many agents are actually prospering through this tough market.  I guess you can say that these are the flies that are still flying and buzzing.

There are some significant advantages to the agents remaining.  With all of the agents dropping out, the ones who stay actually have greater opportunities due to less competition.  These agents will not only survive and prosper today, but they will also prosper the most when the market rebounds.  This is because of the momentum they are gaining in today’s hard market.  They essentially will steam-roll their momentum straight through any kind of market.  They’ll actually prosper exponentially more so in a good market because of the building blocks that are putting into place today.

Gaining momentum in an agent’s business is key to survive in this market.  It’s critical to run a tight ship and stay focused for our businesses to survive.  It’s also helpful for securing prosperity and domination for when the market rebounds.

We must all be working on this.  Unfortunately, many agents don’t know where to start when it comes to gaining momentum. Here are  three quick survival tips to help you steam-roll forward right away:

1) Set Specific Goals

Many agents aren’t focused on what is most profitable for them.  They end up getting pulled in a hundred different directions and never complete what is most important for making money.  By setting specific goals, an agent can do anything and truly move forward.  Write down your goals to solidify them and then follow up with a good plan.  Outline each step that you’ll need to take along the way and cross out each step as you complete it.  Be as detailed as you can.  You’ll find that the more specific your goal is, the more likely your desired outcome will be achieved.  So be specific and focused.  Set your goals and don’t stray from reaching them.

2) Get Mentoring and Help

Many agents try to run their businesses by themselves.  They force themselves to do everything.  They do all of thinking and all of the work.  They work within a box – all alone.  Over time, they begin to see and work on only the mundane tasks that are in their businesses.  They lose site of working on their businesses.  They completely begin to overlook the big picture.  This causes many agents to overlook many possibilities and opportunities that they would see if they actively engaged their ideas and thoughts with someone else.  So find someone to work with as a mentor.  This could be another agent, friend, or business owner.  Pick someone who you know will listen and help to feed your ideas.  Ideally, pick someone who would like to emulate.  Someone who knows about what you are doing and can really help.  Make it a habit to meet and/or talk to them frequently and on a set schedule.  Don’t just pick anyone.  Be sure that they can add value and help to advance you.

3) Be Accountable

So now you’ve set goals and you’re getting help from mentors.  That’s good because you are now more focused, have some great ideas, and have a good plan.  But it doesn’t do you any good unless you’re implementing your ideas and reaching your goals.  Now you need to be accountable.  What does that mean?  It means that you have to express to others what you will do.  Simply tell your mentors/friends what you will do and when you will do it.  Tell them to keep you accountable for reaching your goals and following your plan.  Ask them to be the kick in your behind if needed.  Again, be sure to ask the right people to keep you accountable.  Don’t ask just anybody who will let you slide.  You need someone who will force you to be your best.  When the deadlines come, you should be reporting your progress and success to your accountability partner.  Once you achieve your first round of accountability and success, then you should set new milestones and proceed.  As you continue to reach your goals, being accountable will become a good habit that you’ll form and keep.

Following these simple steps will get your steam-rolling momentum moving in no time.  Yes, it will take some discipline to get your wheel to spin around its first turn.   But the more you turn your wheel, the more it will spin on its own – automatically.  You’ll steam-roll straight through this economy and through the next. If you’d like to learn more about how to stay accountable, check out the new report at:

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