When I run, I like to listen to music that gets me fired up. One of my favorite songs for long runs is by 50 Cent and it’s titled “Hustler’s Ambition.”  I’ve included the music video for this song below, but I should warn you it’s explicit:

My favorite line…

“I want the finer things in life, so I hustle.”

Whether you love 50 Cent or hate him, you can definitely learn from him. And to be perfectly honest, every single successful person I’ve ever met hustles. By hustle, I mean – work their asses off. So the question we have to ask ourselves is – are we truly hustling? Some people think they are working hard, but in reality they are not and the reason why many of us aren’t hustling these days is because of fear.

In the book titled, “The 50th Law” by 50 Cent and Robert Greene, I found the following:

“While writing about the various power players in history, I developed the theory that the source of their success could almost always be traced to one single skill or unique quality that separated them from others…. After observing Fifty and talking to him about his past, I decided that the source of his power was his utter fearlessness….He feels supreme confidence in himself. Living in a world where most people are generally timid and conservative, he always has the advantage of being willing to do more, to take risks, and to be unconventional.”

The real estate market has injected fear into most real estate agents. This fear has made us timid and conservative in our businesses.

“Fear creates its own self-fulfilling dynamic – as people give in to it, they lose energy and momentum. Their lack of confidence translates into inaction that lowers confidence levels further, on and on.”

Do you feel as if your self confidence has slipped over the last year or two? Do you feel as if you’ve lost momentum in your business? If so, you should understand that things will continue to get worse unless you decide to become fearless in your business again. Fear is evil and will suck opportunity away from you very quickly. Fear will make it virtually impossible to surmount adversity and as entrepreneurs we get paid to surmount adversity.

Here’s one final quote from the book that I wanted to share…

“If you view everything through a lens of fear, then you tend to stay in retreat mode. You can just as easily see a crisis or problem as a challenge, an opportunity to prove your mettle, the chance to strengthen and toughen yourself, or a call to collective action. By seeing it as a challenge, you will have converted this negative into a positive purely by a mental process that will result in positive action as well.”

The real estate profession needs us to become fearless in our businesses. Your clients need you to become fearless to help them achieve their real estate goals. Your business desperately needs you to become fearless to increase sales and drive more commission income. And finally, your family needs you to become fearless so you can enjoy the finer things in life.

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    • Nishika

      A workout isn’t the same without a lil 50 Cent. Your post also reminds me of the semi-autobiographical 50 Cent movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin”. In this real estate market, it’s becoming more and more apparent which agents are ready to hustle! I am fearlessly helping clients reach their real estate goals.

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