My mother taught 2nd grade for many years. One year, she had a student who would say “Shanks” instead of “Thanks.” She absolutely loved this little guy.

Somehow his “Shanks” has stuck with me and I tend to say it all of the time. Today, “shanks” just sounds better to me. It makes me smile every time! Try it out for a few days and see what you think!

I even text “Shanks” all of the time and end up having to override spellcheck. 🙂

This post is really a thank you to those of you who donated to my daughter, Kate’s “Kick It For Cancer” team.  I wrote about Kate and her numerous text messages yesterday. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

A BIG Shanks goes to:

Jerry Quade
Carlos Samaneigo
Michael Dunn
Vince Castagna
Jeff West

You made her week! You really did!

And as you might imagine, I got a bunch of new texts from her for each donation!

Plus, my wife and I are going to match every donation, so she’s got that going for her, too!

P.S. You can read about the cancer challenge they’re having at Kate’s school here. And if you’d like to make a small donation, you can do so here: