I met one of my mentors at a bar for a beer. We ended up drinking all night.

My wife had to pick us up… it was a little embarrassing!

Even worse, I was hung over for two days. 🙁

This particular mentor was my real estate broker when I first got my real estate license. He’s an entrepreneur who owns a few different businesses and I’ve learned a lot from him over the years.

When we get together, we end up discussing business, real estate, investing and how to live the good life.

During this particular “beer talk,” we argued about the best approach to “retirement.”

My mentor’s plan is to own four condos in different areas throughout the States. He’s loves golf, so he wants each condo to be located close to nice golf courses. In addition, he wants to golf clubs, clothes and a car at each condo so he can fly anytime he wants without too much fuss.

In other words, he wants to be able head to the airport with just a carryon bag anytime he wants. No large suitcases. No rental car needed. No clubs. Just go at a moments notice.

I actually like his plan, but it’s not for me.

My plan is different.

I’ve actually detailed my plan in my April 2018 Cashflownaire newsletter, which I’ll be releasing next week. You can become a member here: https://dividendrealestate.com/membershipspecial/

You’ll also get immediate access to every Cashflownaire newsletter I’ve written!

Looking back, I can now see why we drank so much. We ended up arguing over whose plan was better, just like two school boys. You can compare my plan to his and see which plan you like better!


P.S. What’s your retirement plan?