It’s safe to say that knowledge is valuable. Since this is the case, doesn’t it make sense to purposefully compound knowledge?

Life seems to get better when we compound valuable things.

A few weeks ago, I started asking myself the following question each day:

What did I learn today?

This little question forced me to try and find something (anything) that I may have learned. Some days I learned BIG things. Other days I learned little things.

The cool part is when I started looking for what I learned, I always found something.

I’ve learned from books, podcasts, people, TV, movies, Twitter, newsletters, experimentation. I’ve also learned a lot from taking actual classes.

We’re all learning new things every day.

Sadly, we don’t capture many of these lessons because we don’t stop to “think” about them individually.

I initially started doing this the old school way with a pen and paper inside a notebook to create a log of things I learned that I could refer back to whenever I wanted.

However, there were days where I forgot to track what I learned.

A week or so ago, I ended up signing up for and have been using this cool online journal to track what I’m learning each day.


I’m not using AhhLife as a journal. I’m just using it as a tool to track what I’m learning.

I set up to email me each day. When I receive the email, I respond to it noting something I learned. My email replies get collected into an online journal inside my account on AhhLife for future reference.

The neat part is that you can reply to each email multiple times tracking different things you may be learning.

And the incoming email from AhhLife helps to remind me to track something I’ve learned.

It’s super easy and very fast.

If compounding knowledge is important to you give this little system a try!

You might be surprised and how quickly your knowledge starts to compound.

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