I’m going to start this little diddy with a real story.

A few years ago, we had a tenant in one of our rental properties. She didn’t make a rent payment, so I reached out to her asking for an update on when it would be mailed. She replied, “My car broke down and I wasn’t able to get to work and they fired me.” I ended up having to evict her for non-payment.

During this process, I got a call from another landlord asking about this particular tenant. They wanted to know if she was a good tenant. I explained that I had to evict her for non-payment. They asked if the non-payment was because I wouldn’t make repairs to the home. I explained that she didn’t pay because she lost her job and the situation had nothing to do with repairs or maintenance.

Apparently, this evicted tenant told the new prospective landlord that she stopped paying because I wouldn’t make repairs, which wasn’t accurate.

Now, I’m not sure where this tenant is today, but I’m willing to bet a large amount of money she’s still struggling.

The reason why I’d make this LARGE bet is because she is unwilling to take ANY responsibility for the problems in her life. When she lost her job, it wasn’t her fault. It was because her employer was an ass and didn’t understand that her car broke down. When I evicted her, it wasn’t her fault because she had lost her job. She is unwilling to be responsible for anything and this means her problems will compound with each passing year.

I’m literally blown away by how nobody seems to be willing to take any responsibility for their actions these days. Nothing is anyone’s fault anymore. This situation spells disaster for our country; however, it creates MASSIVE opportunity for you.

If you’re willing to take responsibility for EVERY problem in your life, the world is yours. I’m not kidding.


Example from my life…

When I almost had to file for bankruptcy back in 2009, it was 100% MY FAULT. It wasn’t the real estate market’s fault. It wasn’t the lender’s fault. It wasn’t the economy’s fault. It was completely my fault for borrowing too much damn money. I fucked up – BIG time.

By taking responsibility, I was able to learn from my mistake. I became a little bit smarter and began making better financial decisions.


If you get a detention at school, it IS your fault.
If you get a bad grade on a test, it IS your fault.
If you break your phone, it IS your fault.
If you have no money, it IS your fault.
If you lose your part-time job, it IS your fault.

This means you’re not able to place blame on anyone for anything. Your teacher(s) may suck, but learning is still YOUR responsibility.

When you’re adults…

If you get divorced, it IS your fault.
If you’re sick and overweight, it IS your fault.
If a friendship ends, it IS your fault.
If your son or daughter hates you, it IS your fault.
If you can’t pay your rent, it IS your fault.
If you have a bad attitude, it IS your fault.
If you’re unhappy, it IS your fault.
If your life sucks, it IS your fault.

Now some may say that I’m being an ass and that what I’ve just said isn’t true… that taking responsibility for everything is being too hard on yourself. I call BULLSHIT.

What’s the downside to taking responsibility for EVERYTHING?

The downside to taking responsibility is that you try harder to fix everything. The downside is that you have to look for thoughts and actions you can improve. The downside is you’re required to learn from every problem. The downside is that you have do things other people aren’t willing to do.

Our former tenant isn’t doing anything to fix her life and this is because nothing his her responsibility. She’ll take her lousy attitude into every job, every relationship, and every decision she makes. She’ll get fired over and over again. She’ll be in and out of relationships. She’ll be broke for the rest of her life.

Fuck that.

Let others shy away from responsibility.



Try everything – fail – take responsibility – learn from your mistakes – get back up and rock and roll.