I recently wrote a secret letter to my wife.

This secret letter contains very important information. She hasn’t read this letter. In fact, she hasn’t even seen this letter. The secret letter is hidden away with our wills and other important documents.

I wrote this secret letter to my wife because there were many important things she needed to know.

You see, this letter outlines what I think she should do in the event that I were to check out unexpectedly. I wanted her to have a game plan if something were to happen to me. In the letter, I listed out all of our assets. I explained how I manage them. I include information on my key spreadsheet that I use to manage everything.

More importantly, I layout step-by-step what I think she should do with our assets. How she can simplify things and not have to manage everything herself.

The reason why I wrote this secret letter is because I don’t want her to be stuck with a mess. I want her to see and understand everything. I also want her to know exactly what I would do if I were in her shoes. My wife isn’t involved with our assets. She doesn’t see what I do. She just sees checks flowing in each week.

In the letter, I also tell her that I want her to move on and find love again. I tell her that I really want her be happy. I share that I want her to live a full and incredible life. No matter what happens, I’ve had a great run. I played this game called “life” all out. I’ve done just about everything I’ve wanted to do. I created my ideal lifestyle and lived each day exactly as I wanted. Because of all of this, there is nothing to be sad about because I lived a good life.

It was a very hard letter to write, but I wrote it. Tears streamed down my face as I typed.

I wrote this letter because it’s extremely important. It may be the most important thing I’ve written in my life.

Why do you think I’m sharing all of this jiberjaber about a secret letter? I’m not sharing all of this because “a secret letter” is a great email subject line, which it certainly is. Who wouldn’t want to learn about a secret letter???

I’m writing this not-so-secret letter TO YOU, because I want you to write your own secret letter. I want you to tell your spouse what you want them to know. I want you to tell them what you’re not able to say face to face. I want you to try and make their lives better if something were to happen to you.

Write it today.
Do not put it off.
It is very important.

In addition to writing a secret letter, I also recommend doing the Badass Challenge detailed on Page 12 of my April Cashflownaire Newsletter. This specific challenge is also extremely important. It’s related to this secret letter and may actually be more important than the secret letter.

I can promise you that if you do the Badass Challenge in this month’s newsletter, your family will be very thankful.

You can become a member and do the challenge here:

Seriously, if you were to ever take any action on what I teach, make it this.

Write your secret letter and do this month’s Badass Challenge.


P.S. When you’re finished with your secret letter and the Badass Challenge, write secret letters to you children too.

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