Join Rob’s affiliate programs and earn commissions on every sale you refer to us.

If you want to promote any of Rob’s product or programs to a list that you have, then simply fax the following information to our office at (440) 975-1608  Attn: Renegade Strategies Affiliate Program. Please let us know in your fax:

1. What product/program is a good fit for your list (and why)

2. The size of your list

3. The kinds of products you are currently selling to your list

4. Also, include the general nature of your list – who are they and how can we make their lives better with our products/programs?

Our payout is terrific, our support is first class, and we’ll provide whatever sales copy and marketing strategies you need, to make this the most effective promotion possible for your list.

We pay our affiliates promptly in the pay period immediately following the guarantee period. We handle all refunds (which are at a VERY low percentage) and customer service issues right away.  We treat your referrals as valued customers with top notch service.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, send a FAX ONLY with the information relevant to these four items, along with any other questions and comments you may have.

Fax this information to (440) 975-1608 Attn: Renegade Strategies Affiliate Program. All reasonable inquiries will receive a prompt and timely response.

To your wealth!

Rob Minton

Renegade Millionaire Agent