I have a problem. I order too many books. I order so many books that my wife sent this to me:

She found this somewhere and thought it would be funny to forward to me.

The problem is she’s right. Right now as I’m typing this, I have six books next to me on my desk. Each book is earmarked to specific pages that I want to refer to in upcoming emails and newsletters.

And since I’m baring my soul with this UNshocking confession, I thought I would share something else…

The main reason I write and sell my own books is to fund my book purchases.

Yes, it’s true. I structure things so that other people pay for the books I want to read. Am I a book pimp? Maybe.

You see, a few years ago, I was in a frugal mode where I didn’t want to spend a penny. I would borrow the books I wanted to read from our library. Reading loaner books was cool but I couldn’t write in them. I couldn’t underline sections. I couldn’t make notes and earmark pages. I couldn’t maximize what I was learning. Reading loaner books actually took away many of the benefits of reading (at least for me).

So, I decided to fix this problem by writing my own books and selling them. My plan was to use the proceeds of my books sales to buy more books. The crazy part is that I was selling my ideas and thoughts in order to buy new ideas and thoughts. Odd, I know.

The reason why I did this is because I realized that I got to continue using the ideas and thoughts I was sharing in my books while I was learning and benefiting from the new ideas and thoughts I was extracting from all the books I was purchasing (and reading). These ideas and thoughts seem to compound over time.

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P.S. We never seem to have enough pens in our house. The reason why is because I end up leaving pens inside the books I’m reading. I’d bet there are over 30 pens hidden inside my bookcases. If there’s ever a pen shortage, we should be able to survive!