This Might Be the Best Investment You Can Make

In this short video, you'll see a safe investment that will offer you a very attractive return on investment.

You'll see a $200.10 investment that offers a $999 return.

I'm not very good with math, but this seems like it's a pretty attractive return! 

The basic idea is to leverage the amortization schedule for any loan you have to your advantage by prepaying the amount allocated to principal for the next scheduled monthly payment.

By prepaying the amount allocated to the principal in your next month's payment, you eliminate that month's payment from your amortization schedule saving the amount that would have been paid in interest.

The video highlights how this works.

Now, to take this to the next level, I suggest setting up a new monthly cashflow stream that you can use to implement this powerful plan.

For the loan in this example, I could automate this process by creating a new monthly cashflow stream generating $200 to $300 a month.

The cashflow collected this month could then be used to make the additional principal payment with next month's mortgage payment.

You can create monthly cashflow by acquiring an income-producing asset. Your money would go to acquire the income-producing asset. The asset's money would then be reinvested into this plan paying off your mortgage at an accelerated pace saving you tens of thousands of dollars in interest.

I'm sharing this because it connects directly to my Cashflownaire Plan:

1. Generate monthly cashflow equal to twice your living expenses.

2. Pay off all of your debt.

3. Build a financial fortress for your family.

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