Every day I read various investment newsletters, emails and news feeds on the economy and the real estate market. Now I’m watching the crises in Japan and am hoping the nuclear situation resolves without any additional damage. In the past, I never paid attention to the “news” or the economy. Today, it has become a significant part of my life.

This is NOT good.

First off, everything we read or watch is brainwashing us to some extent. You may disagree, but it’s the truth. When you read all of the negative stories on the economy and real estate market on a daily basis, it DEFINITELY impacts how you think about business and what you actually DO for your business. It is hard to get excited about your business, clients and opportunities in the marketplace when all of the brainwashing we receive reminds us constantly of how bad things are.

As an example, you might have a great idea for your business but you’ll stall in implementing because you’ll be thinking – “What’s the use? It’s not going to work because things are so bad.”

This mindset is the absolute worst we could possibly have as entrepreneurs. And sadly, this is what all of the brainwashing has done to most of us.

Our job as entrepreneurs is to make things happen in our businesses. We are supposed to try and test new things. We are supposed to go after new opportunities. We are supposed to be excited about our clients and their homes. When our attitude changes and we begin to shy away from these normal behaviors, things get ugly quickly.

This isn’t to say that things aren’t bad. They very well may be, but we shouldn’t allow external events to control how we think or what we do.

If you stop and think about real estate here in the States on a high level, you’ll see that people need us now more than ever. Someone thinking of selling their home can’t stick a “For Sale By Owner” sign in their front yard and have their home sold in a few weeks. Buyers also realize they can’t just run out and buy any foreclosure or short sale. Because the market is so challenging, they need our professional assistance, guidance and expertise.

In addition, a significant number of real estate agents have left the market reducing our competition. The economy and market crash has thinned out the herd and has actually created more opportunity for the best agents.

The reality is you can have a very profitable business right now. You simply have to see and attack opportunity.

To do this, you have to control your own brainwashing. Instead of reading about how bad the real estate market is, read about agents who are doing very well. Instead of watching the news, read an inspiring book, an autobiography, or anything else that is uplifting. Instead of listening to talk radio, phone taps or Howard Stern, put in a CD of Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler or anyone else who gets you fired up.

I recently watched an episode of Million Dollar Listing with my wife. One of the agents profiled, Josh Altman, sold a $16,000,000 home in what appeared to be two showings. His commission was well over $300,000 on just one sale. If Josh Altman can make several hundred thousand on one sale, what can you do?

Understand you control your own personal economy.

If you’re not happy with how things are going, YOU have to do something about it. If someone else is doing well, there is no reason you shouldn’t be, too.

  • The stock market doesn’t impact how well you do in your business.
  • The interest rates don’t impact how well you do in your business.
  • Other agents don’t impact how well you do in your business.
  • The real estate market doesn’t impact how well you do in your business.

The only thing that impacts how well you do in your business is YOU!

This doesn’t mean that you can simply do what you used to do and things will be great. What this means is that there is ALWAYS opportunity in your market. You may have to change your marketing. You may have to change your “target” prospect. You may have to change your niche. You may have to change your lead conversion strategies. You definitely have to adapt to the market and follow the money. But always remember, the money is there.

It’s up to you to get it.

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