Today’s post is a follow up to my post titled "I Know I’m Being Successful When…"

If you recall, I asked you to mark off each statement from Dean Jackson’s Success List that was applicable to your life. I also stated that I didn’t think most agents could check off many items on the list.

The main reason agents aren’t able to mark off many items on Dean’s list is because they have the incorrect view of their businesses. They view themselves as a salesperson, not a business owner. To show you exactly what I mean, let’s change the picture you have for your business. Here is the picture I want you to think about for your real estate sales business…

"You have a consistent marketing system that attracts and converts prospects into becoming your clients. You can control these marketing systems from your home office in a few hours a week. You have a small team of agents that work with the clients of your business. These agents have been well trained and are very successful in selling homes. Your clients love your business and your team members. Your marketing works so well that there are enough clients to make your business profitable without you selling any homes yourself. To manage your team, you setup one team meeting each week. Team members are required to group their questions, challenges and issues to discuss during your weekly team meeting. During this one weekly team meeting, you update everyone on the businesses numbers, discuss any new ideas that are being implemented and handle everyone’s questions. If you’re traveling, you handle this meeting via conference call. Your business is designed in the following way:

Your role is to bring prospects in the door. Your team’s role is to convert those prospects into $$$."

If this were your business, how many items on Dean’s Success List could you check off? By my count, you would be able to check off at least 9 of the 10 items. The only one that I wasn’t able to check off with certainty was: "My passive revenue exceeds my lifestyle needs." I’m unable to check this off because I don’t know your lifestyle needs.

How would your life change if this were your real estate sales business? Does this business match your vision for the "ideal" real estate business? What are you trying to build? Have you even thought about it or are you just selling homes? If you don’t have a clear picture in your mind of your ideal business, you’ll never have the ideal business. You’ll be strapped to your clients for life! Yikes…

The business I described above was my real estate business. I didn’t build it over night. It took me a few years, but I built it. In fact, this week I’m preparing for our Less Clients More Money presentation this Sunday in Myrtle Beach. In my presentation, I’m going to explain exactly how I created the business I described above. I’m also going to highlight my journey. Here are some details from my presentation:

Year                 Total Number of Sales           Number of Homes I Sold

2003                               84                                       21

2004                              108                                      34

2005                              192                                      8

2006                              269                                      0

2007 (through June)       168                                       1 (I sold a home to Dan Kennedy)

Can you see how my business transformed from 2003 to 2006? I went from selling homes myself to zero home sales. During this time, I implemented a consistent marketing system that attracted prospects to my business. My agents turned these prospects into sales. I began living a "Successful Life."

NOTE: I sold my business in early July to one of our clients. This is why my sales numbers are only for the first 6 months of 2007!

P.S. We just heard that one of the attendees for this Sunday’s Less Clients More Money presentation canceled. This means we have one more seat available! If you would like to try and grab this one seat, submit your seat reservation today! Hurry! Go to: During this presentation, I’ll show you everything I did to create my ideal real estate sales business!

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