I can barely walk right now. My calves are so incredibly sore from a workout I did two days ago. I did 100 calf raises, which was apparently 50 too many. LOL.

Yes, those are my sore calves. Taking off my shoes is the most painful task, so I’m going to sleep in them tonight.

I have been hobbling around the house, and this has given my family immense joy. I don’t think I’ve heard them laugh so hard in over a year! I’m so sore that I actually tried icing my darn calves!

How ridiculous am I?

This is just one of the challenges I’ve been dealing with this week. My computer crashed and I think she might be gone for good. She is five years old and has worked very hard for me. She actually worked 7 days a week for many of those years. She never complained, and she mostly did what I asked of her.

Yes, she would get kinda slow from time to time. She always sped back up when I pushed her little button (and rebooted her!) She will definitely be missed. I’m not sure where I’ll bury her. Maybe, I’ll just put her on the mantle of our fireplace.

Computer crashes never come at the right time. Good ole Murphy works his magic at  the worst possible times. This particular crash has been massively disruptive to my work. It’s THE main tool I use.

Thankfully, I’ve been using BackBlaze to automatically backup my computer every night, so I haven’t lost everything. I should be able to restore my last backup and be good to go. The key word is: should.

As we know, everything is always 10 times harder than it should be. I’m prepared for problems with the restore. I have a backup plan for my restored backup. The hardest part is waiting to see if the computer can be repaired. I was so tempted to just by a new computer and get on with it.

Patience, grasshopper.

Is your computer backed up? Do you have a system to back it up daily? You should. It’s a small price to pay. Just go do it now. You’ll thank me later.

The crazy part is that I’ve been dealing with website problems for the last four weeks. Four weeks ago, my hosting company accidently deleted all of my sites. They apparently migrated my sites to a new server and deleted them in the process. They were simply gone. Crazy.

This mistake created a snowball of problems for me that has taken several weeks to repair. My WordPress theme wasn’t compatible with the updated version of WordPress. Holy hell, is this a pain in the ass.

The good news is I learned a lot throughout this process. I learned how to restore my websites from the “webroot.” I also learned a few sneaky tricks to speed up my sites. So I’ve got that going for me.

Are your websites backed up? Is your database based up? Do you have a system to back them up daily? You should.

You see, most of the problems we have are self-inflicted. My calf soreness is 100% self-inflicted. I did this to myself. We actually control these self-inflicted problems through our actions, or our lack of actions.

Some of our problems are not self-inflicted… like your websites being deleted by your host. Or your computer dying right before your eyes. These problems are easily magnified when we don’t prepare for them.

I guess the moral of this little story is that we should be proactive in backing up (protecting) the things that are important to us.

My computer holds very valuable assets (words). I use the assets (words) in my computer to generate income. It would be silly of me not to protect these assets.

Let me wrap this up with ONE more question…

Is your main income stream backed up? You see, I back up my computer daily because I use it to create income. It is very important to me. I have also backed up this income stream the income stream I generate with my computer with cashflow from mobile home investments.

What would happen if you were to lose your main source of income? If you have a job, please understand you DO NOT have job security. You CAN lose your job.

Be proactive and back up your income streams by creating monthly cashflow. If you’d like to learn how to create attractive monthly cashflow by investing in mobile homes, you can get my course here a big discount.

Note: I refer to my mobile home investment business as a “lifestyle business,” because it provides a great deal of time freedom. On average, I only work with my mobile home investments a few hours each week.

P.S. Now that this is finished, I’m headed to the gym to do a 100 lateral raises and100 shoulder presses! You probably won’t hear from me for a week.

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