You’ve got to listen to this 7 minute audio on YouTube. As you listen, think about where “diamonds” might be in your business:

Dr. Conwell shared the TRUE story of a farmer who sold his own farm and went out searching for diamonds throughout the country. Sadly, this farmer ended up committing suicide as a broke man because his search never revealed any diamonds.

The man who purchased the farm found a large diamond in a little river on the property. This diamond led to one of the largest diamond mines ever found on the farmer’s own property.

The lesson behind the story is for us to stop searching for the next “new” way to sell more homes and instead realize that we all have “diamonds” in our own back yard. These diamonds are expired listings and sadly, most real estate agents don’t pay any attention to them. Instead, they sell their farms and go searching for the next new FSBO to list.

Expired listings might just be your very own “Acres of Diamonds.” You can find out more about expired listings in a special webinar I’m hosting on Thursday, March 3rd at 2pm EST by registering at this link:

To your very own acres of diamonds!

    1 Response to "Acres of Diamonds for Real Estate Agents?"

    • Dave Gardner

      I am not into real estate (just yet) though I have spent the last 10 days or so helping to flip an inherited townhouse.

      whether it is real estate or any other business, you are right about there being diamonds in your own area. Sometimes you only have to look so far as the next room to see what you have in your own house in regards to your interests that will bring you into a niche that people need products for.

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