Right now, I’m working on a new report detailing how Arnold Schwarzenneger became a millionaire in his early 20s.

Many don’t know it, but he began investing in real estate soon after he came to America. His real estate investments led him to millionaire status BEFORE his acting career took off. We all know Arnold is doing well financially and we assume this success stems from his acting. This is only partially true.

The reality is Arnold would be a multi-millionaire today even if he didn’t make $1.00 from acting.

When studying Arnold, we tend to look for the action steps he took with hopes we can simply copy those steps and have the same results. I think we miss something fundamental about Arnold and others we want to emulate when we look at their action steps.

We miss the most important aspect of everything they’ve done. In fact, if we dig down to the root of any major accomplishment, we’ll find:



arnoldArnold was and is extremely disciplined. He has applied this discipline to:

1. Exercise
2. Nutrition
3. Supplements/Performance Enhancing Drugs
4. Business
5. Investing
6. Acting
7. Learning English
8. Body Building – Posing/Showmanship
9. Politics

Arnold wouldn’t have accomplished much if he didn’t apply significant discipline to what he wanted to accomplish. The same holds true for any other successful person.

Discipline is the key ingredient. Without it, you don’t stand a chance of accomplishing your big goals.

Take a second and think about two people you admire. Two people you would like to emulate in some fashion.

Do these two people live with a great deal of discipline? I know the answer.. YES.

Now think about two people you don’t admire. Two people who you never want to emulate in any fashion.

Do these two people live without discipline? I know the answer.. YES.

We are attracted to people who live with discipline and we’re repelled by people who don’t live with any discipline.

The crazy thing about living with discipline… is that it makes you feel really good. It’s what some might call a “life hack.”

Think about the last time you skipped a work out. How did you feel about it the rest of the day? Did you regret it? I did.
Think about the last time you gave in and had dessert. How did you feel about it the rest of the day? More regret? Yes.

When I do what’s best for me (apply discipline), I tend to feel a lot better. I’m proud of myself. I’m happier. The exact opposite happens when I don’t apply discipline. I’m disappointed with myself.

There is true power in discipline. Discipline will give you all of the following:

1. Money
2. Wealth
3. Improved health
4. Body of your dreams
5. Better relationships
6. Satisfaction
7. Happiness
8. Joy
9. Knowledge/wisdom
10. Peace of mind
11. More success
12. The admiration of others


The benefits of discipline compound over time. They provide short-term and long-term improvements.

The best part is living with discipline is a simple, ready made life. You can use it every day. The choices are easy to see. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what gender you are. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter where you live. Your current health status doesn’t matter. What you did yesterday, last year, or five years ago doesn’t matter either.

What matters is what you do today.


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