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Right now, I’m preparing for a Free Webinar that I’ll be teaching to real estate agents. During the Webinar, I’m going to show agents how they can create economic moats in their businesses.

I first learned about economic moats by studying a book titled "The Little Book That Builds Wealth" written by Pat Dorsey. In the book, Pat explains that economic moats give businesses an advantage over their competitors.

In the Webinar, I’m going to focus on the three following economic moats:

1) Intangible Assets
2) Switching Costs
3) Network Effect

I’ll explain what these economic moats are and I’ll show you how to build them into your business.
Warren Buffet has been quoted as saying the following about economic moats:

"Sustainable advantages that protect a company – much like a moat protects a castle."

Needless to say, economic moats are extremely important. I would recommend that you register and attend my FREE Webinar today at 2pm EST if your schedule allows. You can register for this special Webinar by visiting:

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