My mother died from lung cancer. The last few months of her life were very hard for her.

I wouldn’t wish this condition upon my worst enemy. It’s a horrible way to die.

She developed severe COPD and had difficulty breathing, even with oxygen set to the highest level. We had oxygen tanks at her home with long tubes so she could move around without having to move any tanks.

These long oxygen tubes became a leash she had to live with 24/7.

She also had several small oxygen tanks to use when she left the home. Because of the complications surrounding all of this, she didn’t get out as much as she wanted. This must have been very hard for her.

She was a very outgoing person. She had a large network of friends and volunteered several times a week. She couldn’t enjoy any of her favorite friends or activities because of her difficulty breathing.

I will often run full-all-out 100-yard sprints at our local park on the football field. Usually by my 4th or 5th sprint, I’m on my knees gasping for air. Every single time this happens I feel this incredible closeness to her. I briefly experience what she had to deal with for every breath. Words cannot describe what this is like, so I’m not even going to try.

What I will say is that you instantly have an appreciation for each and every breath. You know… the last breath you just took. The breath you didn’t even think about. That one.

I cannot imagine how it must feel to gasp for every breath.

I run sprints for many reasons:

1. It’s probably the single best exercise we can do. It may actually be the best ab exercise.

2. Sprinters are ripped, which is a goal of mine. I copy people who have accomplished what I want to do.

3. To feel a closeness and connection to my mother.

And I also run sprints because average people won’t do them. I have this unlimiting belief floating through my head that I can improve my life by consistently doing what average people aren’t willing to do.

I’ve been doing outdoor sprints at this park for several years. I’ve also been to this park many more times for walks with my wife and our dog. All combined, I’ve probably been to this park over 500 times.

Guess how many times I’ve seen anyone running sprints? ZERO times.

You know what else is unusual?

Average people will actually stop and watch me.

Don’t be average. It isn’t much fun.

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P.S. Why is it that we always take the most important things in life for granted?

P.P.S. Why do we always avoid hard and uncomfortable things? These are the things we typically need to do to improve our lives.