I realize the “hassle-free” wording in the title is overused and not realistic for the majority of real estate investments.

Trust me, I know.

Real estate is typically an active investment requiring work and a great deal of… um… hassle.

Well, one of my Cashflownaire Members told me about how he creates monthly income from inexpensive vacant land. And his strategy really is hassle-free because he doesn’t have to deal with any maintenance or repair issues whatsoever.

Think about it…

– No toilets.
– No plumbing leaks
– No roof leaks
– No storm damage
– No flooded basements.
– No electrical issues

This particular member is a very experienced real estate investor who has dealt with every investment strategy possible. He found that land allowed him to turn real estate into a truly passive investment without having to hire and pay property manager.

Plus, he typically can buy this land inexpensively for cash. He doesn’t owe a penny on any of his land investments. In some cases, he actually buys land for under 1k. Seriously.

When I buy mobile homes for lower price points, I typically have to invest a lot to renovate them. Sometimes I have to install new furnaces and hot water tanks. I’ve had to install new plumbing throughout some of my lower priced homes. I’ve also had to install new electric panels, too. He doesn’t have to mess around with any of this.

Genius, if you ask me.

In the August Cashflownaire, which is available right now for immediate download if you join today, I share his strategy. You’ll be able see exactly what he does to create hassle-free real estate cashflow.

I loved this strategy so much that I spent the last few weeks researching it further and I’ve written a more detailed 12-page report I’ll be including with my September Cashflownaire newsletter, which will be released in two weeks.

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P.S. Because he has ZERO maintenance and repair expenses, his ROI is extremely high. For most buy and hold investors like me, a great deal of our cashflow has to be reinvested back into the properties. This is just another reason why is strategy is so powerful.