YouTube has quickly become one of the driving forces on the internet. In fact, a recent study detailed at Quantcast ranked YouTube as the 4th most popular website on the internet. YouTube receives around 61 million new visitors each and every month.

Smart real estate agents can leverage this massive traffic for free. I’ll cover one specific marketing opportunity for you in this post. For today, I’m going to focus on how you can use YouTube to attract clients to your business.

The most effective way to attract prospective clients to you is by using YouTube for client testimonials. Below I have included a video testimonial for my Less Clients More Money System. Yes, this is a blatant pitch, but there are a few lessons from this YouTube video example for you. Here it is…

Did you notice how I promoted my company’s website in the video? If a YouTube visitor watched this video and became interested in my Less Clients More Money System, they could get to my website very easily.

This testimonial was not scripted. We simply asked Preston a few questions and the video took its own journey. The quality was not very good. It looks and feels real. It feels real because it is real. Your video testimonials should be real, too.

How can you use this idea in your real estate sales business?

Could you take some video testimonials with your happy buyer and seller clients? Wouldn’t a video of your buyers getting their keys at their new home be fantastic? How about interviewing a seller about how quickly you sold their home? You could upload these videos into YouTube for free. If someone searches your name on YouTube, your video testimonials would pop up for them to watch. If any of these YouTube visitors go to your website after watching your video testimonials, you would be generating free leads for your business. More importantly, these leads would be high quality because they were pre-sold by the YouTube video.

The next strategy would be for you to imbed these YouTube Video testimonials into your website just like I have here. When visitors stop at your site, they would have the ability to instantly watch video testimonials. This is very powerful. You might need to use a little marketing to get them to watch the video. An example might be: "Watch this 2 minute video to see how the Smith Family sold their home in 7 days!"

Once you have a few video testimonials, you could have these copied on to a DVD. This DVD could then be given to prospective clients when they contact you. This might also be a great addition to a pre-listing package. If you don’t want to invest the money into burning and mailing the actual DVD, you could simply create email marketing pieces which link prospects to your YouTube videos.

One final idea would be for you to create print advertising pieces that direct prospects to your YouTube videos. Above, I used "Watch this 2 minute video to see how the Smith Family sold their Home in 7 days!" Couldn’t this be turned into a print advertisement?




Hopefully, your starting to see numerous options for using video testimonials to attract prospects to your business. The key is taking the time to capture these short video testimonials. I would suggest keeping a small digital video camera with you at all times. Heck, just leave it in your car. You’ll be surprised at how many opportunities you have to capture these videos.

One word of advice – have your clients sign a testimonial release! A release simply gives you permission to use their video testimonial in your marketing. It is better to be safe and get a signed release than to be sorry.

Here is a sample testimonial release you can use:      

Download testimonial_release.doc

As always, have your attorney review this release to make sure it is appropriate for you and your business!

I’ll have a few other YouTube video marketing strategies for you in my next post. To be honest, I learned a great deal about how to use YouTube in my marketing from a $47 E-book. It taught me step by step what equipment to use, how to create a video, how to upload the video into YouTube, plus several additional ways to market the videos.

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Here is another video testimonial we filmed for my Less Clients More Money System. (I couldn’t resist…)

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