I’m fascinated by people who figure out how to win using their own thoughts and ideas. This includes a fascination with people who create systems for winning the lottery, blackjack and the stock market.

These people see an opportunity that others don’t and they create their own system(s) to exploit the opportunities to their advantage.

In the May Cashflownaire newsletter, which will be released next week, I teach something I learned from studying card counters. Card counters understand statistics and use this understanding to sway the odds of success into their favor.

I actually dig into this and reveal how you can copy their strategy with your investments.

The cool part about what I teach is that you’ll actually significantly reduce your investment risk. After losing a great deal in the previous market crashes, I’ve finally learned that risk management is THE most important part of how we invest. Most people don’t think enough about loss. They’re too focused on trying to make gains and end up losing a lot. I certainly did.

Now, I realize I’ve used a very scary word: “statistics.”

Please understand you don’t have to be a statistics geek to use what I share to your advantage!

(Statistics was probably my least favorite college class! It probably didn’t help that my professor had a strong accent and I could barely understand him! However, I now wish I had paid more attention. I didn’t “see” how profitable statistics could be. I certainly do now!)

And for the record, traditional card counting isn’t illegal, as long as you don’t use an external card counting device! The casinos aren’t very happy with card counting, and when they catch you doing it, they’ll ban you.

We can legally use the same system the card counters use with our investments.

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