I was recently trading emails with a real estate agent on my email list. Here’s part of his email…

“I almost unsubscribed from your emails because I get tired of hearing you preach about creating cashflow. I’ve been doing very well selling homes and felt my sales would easily continue. 

Well, it’s like someone just pushed the pause button on everything. My sales are all on hold and I have no idea if I’ll be able to save any of them. I wish I would have listened to you.”

Man do I feel for him (and everyone else in a similar situation).

My Cashflownaire Membership was built around ONE 4-minute scene from “The Gambler” movie. These scene is so important that I’ve actually included it with EVERY single issue of my Cashflownaire Newsletter.

You can watch it here.

Mark Whalberg’s character is a gambler who won 2.5 million. He then lost all of it and is asking a loan shark for a new loan so he can get back in the game.

The loan shark, who is played by the amazing John Goodman, says…

“You get up 2.5 million and any arsehole in the world knows what to do. You get a house with a 25-year roof, an indestructible Japanese economy shitbox car, and you put the rest into the system at 3 to 5% to pay your taxes and that’s your base. That puts – for the rest of your life – at a level of F You.”

Most people love this scene; however, they don’t follow the advice because they don’t gamble. They’re not in the casinos betting money they don’t have.

On some level they ask themselves this question: “Why should I do this if I’m not a gambler?”

You do this because your job is NOT secure. Working for money is the same thing as gambling. Whether you realize it or not, you’re rolling the dice hoping things stay the same.

Cashflow is your base.

It puts you – for the rest of your life – at a level of F You.

When you have a job (win a big hand at the casino), you take a portion of your paycheck and use it to buy (or create) cashflowing assets.

Yes, I know this isn’t easy.

It requires time. It requires effort. It requires discipline. And it requires you to face your fear(s).

You do all of this to build a base that provides financial strength.

The good news is that you can – and should – start building your base of cashflow today. You don’t have to sit around watching TV all day like everyone else.

In fact, in the April Issue of my Cashflownaire Newsletter, I’ve shared a little System you can use to increase your cashflow every single day of the year.

Imagine that for a moment… doing something each and every day that directly increases the amount of cashflow your family collects for rest of your life???

Become a Cashflownaire here and I’ll send you my April Issue so you can start using this little System today.

The best part about this little System is that you don’t even have to leave home! This is somewhat helpful since we’re all on house arrest anyhow. 🙂

Even better, you don’t need a lot of money to get started. You don’t have to borrow a penny and you can even start this little System for under ten bucks.


I’m going to follow this little System for the rest of my life because it compounds like crazy. Yes, I’m a compounding cashflow freak.

I’m hoping you copy me.

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