Today I hosted a free Webinar with an up and coming marketing expert. This expert coaches over 130 different business owners on how to improve their marketing results. During the Webinar, he highlighted 16 different strategies on how to get better results from your marketing. His strategies can be applied to:

  • Client Newsletters
  • Postcard Mailings
  • Client Letters
  • Flyers & Feature Sheets
  • Print Advertisements 
  • Websites
  • Personal Notes 
  • Home Buyer Magazine Advertisements 
  • Banner Advertisements  
  • Sales Letters  
  • Emails 
In fact, top marketers like Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and Ted Nicholas use the strategies taught in today's Webinar. I use the same strategies in my marketing, too! Luckily this special 60 minute marketing Webinar was recorded! You can watch the entire video replay of today's Webinar at:

About 30 minutes into the Webinar, he provided specific examples of "split" marketing tests. They mailed two different marketing postcards to the same number of people and measured the response rates from each postcard. One out pulled the other by 300%. You have to see why! He did the same testing with a sales letter. One sales letter pulled over 5000 times better than the other. You can see all of these split tests in the video replay. They are extremely valuable! 

Check out the video replay now at:

If you spend any money marketing, you must take 60 minutes out of your schedule and watch this video. You'll be shocked at how easily you can increase the response rates from all of your marketing! I'll bet one of the strategies detailed in today's Webinar will help you get more clients and sell more homes. 

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