WARNING: What I share in this post may offend some readers. If you’re easily offended, skip this little diddy!

In each monthly Cashflownaire Newsletter, I include a specific Badass Challenge.

These Badass Challenges are included to help you become a mental and physical Badass. I actually do these challenges myself. I do my best to walk the talk, otherwise I’d be a hypocrite.

Hypocrite: A person who pretends to have virtues, morals, principles that he or she doesn’t actually possess, especially a person whose actions do not match stated beliefs.

I DO NOT want to be a hypocrite, so I’m forced to do each and every Badass Challenge.

Some of these challenges are easy, but important. Others are hard, but not important. Both types of challenges are helpful for us. Doing hard things simply because they’re hard helps us become stronger. They improve our self-confidence and make us better.

I personally challenge myself because I value self-improvement. I do challenges because I want to live with self-discipline. I also do them because I don’t want to be average.

Today, average people are weak….mentally and physically. And as you might imagine, they don’t have a great deal of self-discipline.

Take a field trip to any Walmart and study the people you see shopping there. It’s a gathering of undisciplined, average people. It’s very easy to see that the majority of Walmart shoppers don’t live with any discipline whatsoever. They don’t do hard things. They don’t embrace discomfort. They always take the easy way for everything.

They certainly are NOT Badasses.

The reality is that we must be Badasses to accomplish the BIG goals we have in life. Accomplishing big things is not easy.

So we walk the road less traveled. We do hard things because these things make us stronger. We embrace discomfort and we apply discipline in our lives. We do things average people aren’t willing to do to improve our lives.

The Badass Challenge I’ve included in the August Cashflownaire Newsletter IS hard. It doesn’t seem hard at first, but it gets harder as each day passes. The good news is that it doesn’t require a lot of time. It DOES require physical discomfort and it WILL make you a great deal stronger physically. I don’t just mean a little stronger physically…. you’ll be A LOT STRONGER in 30 days, if you do the August Badass challenge!

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P.S. I started this little diddy with a warning to skip this if you’re easily offended. I did this to try and minimize the “hate” mail over what I wrote about the people who shop at Walmart. However, the reality is that if you’re easily offended, you’re certainly not a Badass. Badasses are NOT easily offended. If they hear something uncomfortable that rings true for them, they consider what they’ve heard and take action to change.

So if you’re were offended in any way by what I’ve shared, it’s a sign that you NEED to start embracing discomfort. You NEED to transform yourself into a Badass. My August Badass Challenge is exactly what you need!

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