Several years ago I started doing 30-day monthly challenges. These challenges were mini – life improvement – experiments

These 30-day challenges usually rotate between mindset improvements, health improvements and financial improvement.

Every challenge is also designed around what we might refer to as an IMportant Thing. Things we have control over. Things that make us better. Things that improve our lives. Things that matter today, tomorrow and will continue to matter in the years to come.

I started to include these 30-day challenges in my monthly Cashflownaire Newsletter. My hope was that my members would experiment with the monthly challenges and possibly continue each one after the 30 days, if they thought the activity would make their lives better.

The 30-day challenges would become stepping stones to more permanent changes.

The idea was to compound small improvements with each passing month.

You’d be learning more.
You’d be thinking more.
You’d be exercising more.
You’d be doing more.
You’d be improving your health.
You’d be strengthening your financial position.
You’d be making more money.
And you’d become a better investor.

In other words, these monthly challenges would take you on a journey of never-ending improvement as each little life improvement gets added on top of prior improvements.

Here’s an ugly sketch of this looks…

Right now we’re all going through an incredibly challenging situation that’s completely outside of our control.

These little 30-day challenges give us the opportunity to focus on something we can control… a small positive daily improvement.

Some of these 30-day challenges are easy.
Others are very hard.

We voluntarily do hard things because they make us stronger. They prepare us for challenging times. They move us into the F- You Position mentally, physically and financially.

These 30-day challenges allow us to benefit from each passing day by using time to our advantage. In the beginning, it doesn’t seem like that big of deal; however, when you stack these on top of each other, they do become BIG.

Truth be told, I’m not perfect with all of this and that’s the cool part. You don’t have to be perfect to benefit from monthly challenges.

I may mess up for a few days, but I always get back to the daily challenge.

When I started to do these challenges, I didn’t understand that these 30-day challenges actually give us the opportunity to learn to be more consistent.

And as we all know, consistency is a key to success.

Why not start your own 30-day challenge today?

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