Pop quiz: What’s the most valuable skill a person could have?

My guess is that if you were to ask 100 people this question, you would get 100 different answers.

My answer would be self-control. Self-control is the single most valuable skill a person can develop. It IS the ONE skill that will help you create your dream life. Without it, you’re toast. Without self-control, we’re destined to live a life of misery. We’ll be sick, broke and really unhappy.


Think of three successful people you know. Do these people live with self-control?

Now think of three UNsuccessful people you know. Do these people live with self-control?

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, self-control is required for us to accomplish ANY & EVERY important goal. Think about these different goals we all want:

Want a six-pack?
Want a great marriage?
Want a profitable business?
Want to retire early?
Want to be a great parent?
Want to build a financial fortress for your family?
Want to create massive monthly cashflow?
Want to pay off all of your debt?
Want to have amazing health?
Want to kick a bad habit?

The solution to achieve every one of these goals is to improve our self-control. The reason why is because self-control is THE common denominator for ALL success.

And truth be told, we don’t need any marshmallow test or scientific study to know this is true. We know deep down that self-control is critically important for living a good life.

I personally crave self-control (I really do). I actually work on it daily.

It’s so important to me that I’ve actually created my own system for improving our self-control. I’ve detailed this system in my September Cashflownaire newsletter, which will be released on Friday.

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But I should warn you that my system for improving your self-control will force you to examine many of your limiting beliefs. It will also put stop to weak and unhelpful thoughts you may have throughout the day.

It’s a very powerful self-development tool that may just change your life.