Back in October, my daughter went to Homecoming with a large group of her friends. By large group, I mean around 40 kids. They met at one of the most prestigious country clubs in our area for pictures.

All of the Moms immediately turned into paparazzi, snapping hundreds of pictures. I didn’t take one picture. I’m a rebel like that.

It actually makes me laugh because I only found one picture from when I went to Prom back in 1988. And the one picture wasn’t a very good picture!  LOL.

This particular country club was built back in the 1920s from a large 580-acre estate owned by several local Old Money families. This club still looks and feels like Old Money today. I happen to hear some of the kids say they didn’t really like the place. They felt that it was a little outdated.

I loved it.

It wasn’t glitzy or glamorous. It was simple, elegant and classy. It was quiet, reserved and had an overwhelming feeling of self-discipline.

There’s something really cool about Old Money worthy of study and contemplation.

How does Old Money approach investing?
How does Old Money think about education?
What is the main financial goal of Old Money?
What kind of car does Old Money drive?
What kind of home does Old Money live in and why?

And probably the most important question might be…

What does Old Money do to live well?

To find the answers to these questions, I ended up spending all of November studying Old Money and was pleasantly surprised by what I learned. Old Money thinks, operates and lives differently than you probably realize. You probably have some beliefs about Old Money that aren’t accurate. I certainly did.

In fact, there is a lot for us to learn about how to live well from Old Money.

I detailed everything I learned from studying Old Money in the December 2018 issue of my Cashflownaire Letter. This includes the 12 key differences between New Money and Old Money. These are extremely important differences to consider for obvious reasons.

Old Money has stood the test of time. New Money hasn’t.

If you’d like to learn more about Old Money, become a Cashflownaire here:

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