If you have problems with dolla billz, you might be interested to learn something very important. And before you read further, understand that what I’m about to share will not seem accurate. More than likely, you’ll probably think I’m off my rocker.

Here goes…

You Don’t Solve Dolla Billz Problems With More Dolla Billz.

Yes, I just said… you don’t solve money problems with more money.

Now, I realize I know this doesn’t seem right. I also know that most people think the only way you can solve money problems is by getting more money. This is certainly NOT the case. In fact, it actually seems as if this incorrect understanding actually causes money problems. Those with money problems are looking for the wrong solution to their problems.

The truth is… “Mo Money” typically leads to, well, “Mo Money Problems,” just like Notorious B.I.G. advised years ago.

In the May 2018 Cashflownaire, which will be released next week, I walk through three different scenarios and illustrate why Mo Money doesn’t solve the underlying problems. Then I show you the real way, the only way, you can permanently solve money problems.

This should actually be good news for those who have money problems because you really don’t need more money to improve your situation. I’ll show you what you DO need next week when May’s newsletter is released.

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P.S. When I started writing this, I googled slang words for dolla billz and found this on Wikipedia: “cabbage, milk, dosh, dough, shillings, frogskins, notes, duckets, loot, bones, bar, coin, folding stuff,  honk, lolly, lucre, moolah, paper, scratch, readies and spondulicks!”

I’m thinking of changing the name of my membership to “Moolahnaire!” Or would “Scratchnaire” be better?