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In my previous blog post, I shared how I started to track every number within my real estate sales business. This tracking allowed me to see trends within my business. One of the most important trends I noticed was the number of homes sold as a percentage of leads generated.

This one finding completely transformed my business because it allowed me to narrow my focus. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have both said that "intense focus" was the key to their success.

I have to admit, intense focus had a major impact on my business too. Before my number tracking breakthrough, I would run around every day like a chicken with it's head cut off. I chased every shiny object. I would hear a new strategy and I would be off to implement it. I didn't focus on any ONE thing and therefore I didn't make much progress.

Based upon my coaching and consulting to hundreds of real estate agents, I have noticed that the majority of you have the same problem.

Zero Focus

There are a lot of shiny objects out there for us to chase. You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Tracking my numbers allowed me to break out of this cycle within my business. I finally realized that the most important thing I could do each and every day was to:

Generate New Leads

If 100 leads turned into 4 sales, then 200 leads would lead to 8 sales. I finally had instant focus. I realized that I didn't need fancy new business cards or the special palm pilot to check the MLS on the road.

I simply needed to generate leads every single day.

This lesson has stuck with me every since. Lead generation remains my number one business focus. I do something every single day to generate new leads. I've made a few posts about this same lesson in Twitter. I told my Twitter followers that generating leads for your business should be like feeding your body.

No food, you starve. No leads, your business dies.

I realize the real estate market is slow. Do not use this as an excuse to stop marketing. In fact, I would suggest that you market more now than you have in the past. I'm marketing my business more today than I've ever marketed it before. In fact, I've actually increased my monthly lead generation goals from 2008.

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