Have you seen this advertisement?

It’s very good from a marketing perspective.

If you can do any one of these physical activities, you may qualify for a discounted $3,000,000 life insurance policy. You can see what rates you qualify for here. (This is not an affiliate link and I have no affiliation with this company.)

This advertisement is engineered to attract high-quality leads that are sold to multiple life insurance companies. If someone seeing this advertisement doesn’t meet any of these standards, they wouldn’t be a good prospect for a life insurance company… and they wouldn’t respond (Genius).

This is money-making idea you could copy for local businesses in your area. Could you create a marketing campaign around this idea and sell the leads to local businesses?

Or if you run your own business, could you create your own version of this advertisement to generate high-quality leads? Even though this is a fantastic advertisement, that’s not why I’m including this for you.

I’m including it because I’m hoping you meet one (or more) of these physical standards. I’m hoping you have “Health Equity.”

In fact, why not make each challenge in the list that you can’t complete a new goal and work toward achieving it?

As I was training for the marathon last year, I got this text from a friend, who was busting my chops…

This particular friend isn’t in the best shape physically. I wanted to reply with something like this…


I didn’t send this, but I thought about it! 🙂

Instead of sitting around watching other people do cool things on your life-sucking cell phone, why not just go do cool things yourself?

There is nobody holding you back from living an amazing life.

I wonder who would have more regret:

The person who worked their ass off to complete a challenging physical goal like a marathon, or the person who sits on the couch every night watching TV?

As Cashflownaires, we understand that our health is extremely important… it’s more important than money. We set health standards for ourselves and work toward achieving these standards.

We don’t just accept poor health.

We don’t just shrug our shoulders saying there’s nothing we can do about being unhealthy.

If you can’t bench press your bodyweight or deadlift 1.5X your bodyweight, find a training plan and get to work.

If you can’t do 20 burpees in a row, make a plan by starting with one burpee and work your way up to 20.

If you can’t run a 9-minute mile, start a plan to get there by running a 15-minute mile and keep training until you can.



This your life.

You either have a lot of health equity or you don’t. It’s entirely up to you.

And as you might imagine, health equity will pay you dividends for life. It’s worth working for on a daily basis.

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