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In my previous blog post, I highlighted a brilliant lead generation advertisement. I showed how the marketer beat the newspaper at their own game! At the end of the post, I challenged readers to review the advertisement again to see if they could find another marketing lesson.

I've included the same advertorial for your review again. This time, I want to study a different strategy used by this marketer. Here is the advertisement again:


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Let's look at the headline of the article on top. The headline is "7 smart places to stash your cash." Why is this such a good headline? Really think about it.

The headline is so good because many people are worried about the banking system and losing money kept in bank accounts. We've all heard horror stories from the depression about banks going under and families losing everything. People fear losing money saved in banks because of their horrendous financial condition. The news continuously reminds of bank failures and this magnifies our fears further.

This brilliant marketer has used this fear of bank failures to promote armored safes. Robert Collier, a marketing legend, was famous for teaching that we should "enter the conversation our prospect is having in their mind." This means we should market to what our target prospects are thinking about.

  • What are they afraid of?
  • What do they want?
  • What challenges are they having?

This marketer realized that people are scared about losing their money. They have capitalized on the news media and the fear created. I'll bet the majority of safe manufactures have missed this massive opportunity.

The news has been doing the same thing to real estate. When you read or watch the news, I strongly recommend that you do so from a marketing perspective. You must start to ask yourself:

How Can I Use This In My Business?

For many years, I didn't watch the news or read a daily newspaper. This was because the news is filled with sad stories, problems and negativity. Who needs all of this on a daily basis?

However, over the last few years, I've realized that I can use the news to my advantage. I now subscribe to the USA Today because I want to see and feel what my prospects are thinking. I usually find something in each paper that I can use in some way. This advertisement is a prime example of how I used the newspaper to my advantage. I used a fantastic advertisement to teach real estate agents how to improve their marketing.

One last tip…

If you actually read the article in this advertorial, you might have noticed that one of safe investments highlighted was "real estate." Couldn't you model this strategy and use real estate as a safe investment in your marketing?

Aren't people worried about inflation? Real estate is an excellent way to protect yourself against skyrocketing inflation which we will probably face in the future.

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