The title of my post is the lyrics of a song named "Handlebars" by Flobots. I have this song on my Ipod and I listen to it when I run. The song, although unusual, is very inspiring for me. Here it is…

Some of the lyrics from the song are..

"Look at me, look at me… I can make money open up a thrift store. I make money off a magazine. I can design an engine 64 miles to the gallon of gasoline. I can make new antibiotics. I can make computers survive aquatic conditions. I know how to run a business. I can make you want to buy a product. Movers, shakers and producers. Me and my friends understand the future. I see the strings that control the system. I can do anything with no resistance cause I can lead a nation with a microphone…and I can split the atom of a molecule…Look at me, look at me driving and won’t stop. It feels so good to be alive and on top. My reach is global. My tower secure. My cause is noble. My power is pure. I can hand out a million vaccinations… and I can do anything with no permission."

Can you do the impossible?

Well, you can’t do the impossible unless you believe you can. It all starts in your head. Imagine what your business would be like if you woke up every morning believing you could do the impossible? What would you attempt?

  • Would you figure out a way to expand your business beyond your geographic area?
  • Would you think bigger about your opportunities?
  • Would you go after better, more profitable clients?
  • Would you hire better team members to manage your business?

And the final most important question is:

  • Would you try and ride your bike with no handlebars?

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