In my previous post, titled "How Real Estate Agents Can List and Sell Bank Owned Homes by the Boatload," I wrote about re-positioning your business to become the agent of choice for bank owned and foreclosed properties. After this post, I received the following email:

"Please be advised that people and companies like yours are selling FEAR and that’s what is keeping the housing market stalled.  I suggest you consider getting a real job, where you go to work and earn a paycheck, and wish you great success."

Somebody doesn’t like me very much. Too bad! Go read my post and see if you think I’m selling fear. Also, see if you think I’m "stalling" the housing market in some way. I’m simply pointing out a business opportunity with bank owned homes. In fact, if we sell the over supply of bank owned homes, we will actually help the housing market. Studies consistently point out that a foreclosure impairs surrounding home values. No bank owned homes on the market – no impaired values.

I included this email for a bigger reason. The reason is that many agents somehow feel that it is unethical to profit from foreclosed homes. Why do we feel this way? We shouldn’t. We aren’t hurting anyone when we sell a foreclosed home. We are definitely helping the banks. These banks are crippled with the homes they have had to take back.

Now, some agents might say "Someone lost their home and you’re taking advantage of them." This is only partially true. Yes, someone did lose their home, but we aren’t taking advantage of them.  They didn’t make their monthly payment. They didn’t fulfill their obligation under their mortgage. You and I had nothing to do with it.

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Napoleon Hill teaches about the importance of "Accurate Thinking." From my perspective, it’s critical for real estate agents to think accurately about their businesses. Exploiting opportunity is not unethical. In fact, it is required for success. If you watch any competition, you might notice that the winner, exploits opportunity.

In a boxing match, the winner usually hits the loser when he drops his guard. Is this unethical? In football, the winning team usually uses the losing team’s weaknesses to their advantage? Is this unethical?

When you run a business, your job is to increase the value of the business for the shareholders. If you didn’t take advantage of every opportunity to increase the value of the business, you could be fired -right? The shareholders could argue that you weren’t operating in their best interests. Well, in this case, it’s your business – so you’re the shareholder. You’re job is to find and capitalize on opportunity.

Repositioning your business to list and sell bank owned homes is simply exploiting an opportunity. This amazing opportunity may not be around again for another 10 or 20 years. It makes sense, to take advantage of it while it is here. If you want to learn more about this opportunity, visit

Rob Minton

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