I received a disturbing voicemail letting me know I’m about to go to jail. This may actually be my last email for awhile, unless they have computers available for the prisoners!

The computer voice generated message indicated that I’m going jail for “intentional” fraud to the United States government.
(Could fraud actually be unintentional?)

I’m sure you’ve received calls like this yourself. If it isn’t this particular call, you’ve probably received the computer voice generated call from the IRS telling you that you’re going to jail for tax evasion. These calls are all from spammers trying to get us to call them back so they can steal from us.

Sadly, I think these calls work very well.

The reason why is because we get so darn many of them. The spammers have tested the them and know they’re profitable, so they make millions of calls with the same scary messages.

These phony calls actually provide an important legal strategy we should copy ourselves.

Whenever you see someone, who you consider smart, doing something over and over again, you should consider copying what them. The reason why is because you can assume the smart person is getting good results doing what they’re doing, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it.

You see, smart people always leverage success. Whenever a smart person finds something that works, they continue doing it. They actually continue doing it until it isn’t working anymore.

Their actions leave clues. Clues you can use to your advantage.

All you have to do is pay attention to what they repeatedly do and copy them.

A good example of this might be copying all the smart people who’ve become Cashflownaires! You can copy them and get started here:

P.S. Since I’ll be in the slammer soon, I thought I would give you a homework assignment to keep you busy. Your assignment, should you choose to do it, is to make a list of EVERYTHING you see smart people repeatedly do. Once your list is complete, use it as your new “To Do” list.