I have a new favorite song…

Well, this boy, he needs no company
This life is sharp like Pittsburgh steel
Another dart with my piss-warm ale
It may be tough, don’t follow me
This boy, he needs no company
No company needed (Don’t need it)
I find comfort on my own thought
I’m through with palm reading, no, no
It couldn’t give me what I don’t got
I don’t want a lifestyle like you, not me
Well, I’m a simple kind of man with a simple kind of plan
Like to keep it low-key
This is my time, my money
I’ll spend it how I want, son
This is my drink, my lungs
I’ll die when I want, son
And don’t follow me
I don’t see eye to eye with society
And I’m a lost boy, forever young
Don’t expect an apology

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