Here’s an email I received this week:
“I have followed you and your ideas for many years, back to 2009… I love your ideas and wish I had found them years earlier. I am currently at retirement age (66) and have not made the best decisions in the world. I am currently on a limited income and, because of my wife’s poor health, we are buried in medical expenses, and we have no money available for investment purposes. Any suggestions? I appreciate your knowledge, expertise, and your desire to help others. Thanks in advance for your help. I look forward to your response!

Since I receive different versions of this same question frequently, I thought it might be helpful to answer this for everyone.

1. Why would finding me sooner be helpful? You have my ideas now and you’re not doing anything with them. The timing doesn’t seem to be the problem.

2. We’ve all made poor decisions in our lives. Making poor decisions is part of life and it’s how we learn to make better decisions. Every poor decision today leads to a better decision tomorrow. The challenge is using what we learn from our poor decisions to make our futures better.

(Example: I’m a far better investor today because I almost went bankrupt a few years ago. I’m also a far better investor today because I finally learned how to invest without leverage.)

3. You’re on a limited income because you allow yourself to be on a limited income. You’ve accepted this situation as your reality. If this situation truly pissed you off, you would do more to change it. You’ve accepted things as they are and have settled.

Now, I realize you may not like this answer, but it is 100% true. You’ve accepted various limitations and have chosen to give these limitations power over your life. In your email, you listed three limitations you’ve accepted: wife’s poor health, buried in medical expenses, and no funds available to invest. I

Just because you have no funds to invest and are buried in medical bills doesn’t mean you can’t improve your financial situation. You’re choosing not to improve your financial situation. You make this same choice each and every day. This choice, to do nothing, compounds month-after-month.

Here’s the real deal….

1. YOU have to use your thoughts, ideas, experiences and network to increase your income in your existing business. Or you have to use these assets to start a new low-overhead business. You can also do both at the same time.

2. YOU have to use your thoughts, ideas, experiences and network creatively to attract funds you can use to start investing.

The key word in all available options is YOU.

Nobody is going to do anything for you. There is no outside magic solution to your problems.

On some level, you’ve emailed me because you want me to provide you with a solution to your problems. I can’t solve your problems. What I can do is try to get you to think differently so you’ll solve your own problems.

You’re the magic solution and your wife desperately needs you to step-up. She needs you to be a Badass.

Are you willing to be the man you need to be? Most men aren’t. It’s not f#@king easy.

You’ve got to do stuff you don’t want to do. You’ve got to get off your ass and stop accepting all of these damn limitations.

This is your life.

Is this really how you want to live it?
Is this what you’re going to continue accepting?

Now, I’m going to suggest that you become a Cashflownaire Member. I’ve checked and you’re not a member. I realize this will sound self-serving. It’s not. In the Cashflownaire newsletters, I share how I’ve rebuilt myself. I share how I had settled, just like you. I share how I realized I had put myself in box by believing various limitations. I also suggest forcing yourself to do various Badass Challenges. These challenges help improve your self confidence.

You can become a Cashflownaire here:

P.S. We all live in a box. This box is built around the limitations we’ve accepted. Each person’s box is different. Some boxes are very small, others are very large. Your current box is small. Your job is to move from your small box into a much larger box with fewer limitations. Study the January 2018 Cashflownaire Newsletter to understand how to breakout of your box of limitations.

P.P.S. You can replace the word box with “lifestyle.” Your current lifestyle  is built around the limitations you’ve accepted in your life. So is mine. I’m just working really hard not to accept anymore limitations. Now, it’s your turn.