I’ve written about my love/hate relationship with Twitter before here.

Thought I would share some recent Tweets I found interesting! These Tweets are in no particular order. I’m simply sharing because they made me think.

NavalOur lives are defined by what we believe. We get to choose our beliefs. Some beliefs hold us back. Some propel us forward. Some create suffering. Some create happiness. What would be the downside to believing our life is the paradise we were promised? Accepting this belief might actually get us to see things differently.

MungerismsI’ve written enough about this. No need to go further. Read some of my other posts about the pursuit of wealth.

PilonI couldn’t agree more with Brad’s definition of a great life! Notice money and wealth aren’t included in his recipe?

As my youngest daughter tends to say, “Same.” I pretend I’m broke all the time. See how and why here.

MediciWhen I was building my business, I would get up early and spent a few hours writing. My businesses required a great deal of new content.  Today, I do not have the same content demands and have changed my morning routine. I spend each morning with coffee and a notepad. I use this time to think. I think about Tweets like those I’m sharing in this post. I think about books I’ve read and how to apply what I’ve learned. I think about mistakes I’ve made and how to improve. I think about how to solve problems.

Michael Medici described this process very well with his Tweet. My goal each morning is to extract value from life. It is so incredibly hard to extract value from information when so much comes at you on an hourly basis. You’ve got to actually block time and focus your attention on important things.

There is actually a great deal of information in this Tweet to think about. You can find the Forbes article highlighting these business returns here. The average net profit margin for privately held businesses for the last 12 months is 7.7%. Note the top five most profitable privately held businesses:

1. Accounting, tax preparation, and payroll services
2. Legal services.
3. Lessors of real estate.
4. Outpatient care centers.
5. Offices of real estate agents and brokers.

Interesting, don’t you think? Wonder how we could use this to our advantage?
Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.45.27 AM
Freedom really is about our time. If you control your time, you’re free. If someone else controls your time, you’re not free.

And the last one for now…


Consider this Tweet with the first one in this post. Don’t copy misery. Don’t live in misery. Misery comes from how we think and what we believe.

Make your life paradise.

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