The key to building a successful lifestyle business may be found in these seven words in a tweet by Wall Street Playboys:

“Work is for profit and nothing else.”

A lifestyle business is a business providing the income you need to live your life exactly how you want to live without having to work a significant number of hours. A business where you don’t have to constantly trade your time for money.

This is extremely important because it really drills down to the most important aspect of business. We don’t design a lifestyle business for anything other than profit. This means…

– we’re not seeking the approval of anyone (family, friends, neighbors, spouse, etc.)
– we’re not working for prestige
– we’re not working for social status
– we’re not working to climb any ladder
– we’re not competing with anyone
– we’re not trying to be #1
– we’re not working for awards
– we’re not working for recognition
– we’re not working for benefits
– we’re not working for fun
– we’re not following our passion
– we’re not trying to help others (our businesses may help others, but this isn’t our focus)

We only work for profit.

That’s it.

In other words, we stop giving too many fucks about stuff we cannot control.

By stripping away everything else, we can focus exactly on what we work for -> money AND in the process save a significant amount of our precious time.

We only trade enough of our time to create the profit we need to live our lives how we want to live them. We don’t waste any time pursuing anything else. We properly value our time as our most important asset. We don’t get distracted and this focus actually gives us our freedom.

By eliminating all the B.S., we take our lives back.

We can then use our time to pursue passions, to have fun, and to help other people.

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