Way back in 2006, I sold a $960,000 24-unit apartment building over the phone. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this one particular sale has become my most profitable real estate transaction to date.

This may sound odd considering I have sold hundreds of properties. I’ve even sold ONE client 20 homes in 12 months generating over $90,000 in commissions.

The reason why this one sale has been my single most profitable transaction is because I’m still getting paid every single month from this property. Think about that for a second… imagine selling a large investment property this year and then still collecting monthly income from it in 2030. How cool would that be?

Come closer, and I’ll tell you my secrets!

Well, it isn’t really a secret. (That just sounded cool.)

I used the commission I earned on the sale to become one of the partners in the property. The property was purchased by eight partners and I was one of the partners. I turned my commission into a 12.5% ownership interest in the property. Here we are twelve years later, and I still collect $900 a month from this property.

Yes, I’m definitely Mr. Fancy Pants. (Okay, not really.)

To be fair, I work for this monthly check. I’m one of the managing partners of the property and am active in the management of the property. My management role is collecting and tracking the rent checks. I also handle 3 day notices, rent raises and evictions. Another partner handles repairs and maintenance. A third partner handles the vacancies including showing the units and screening tenants.

So this isn’t passive income. It’s active income and I would estimate my hourly rate to be around $200 an hour, which isn’t too bad.

It still boggles my mind that I collect $10,800 a year from a property I sold twelve years ago. A property that I didn’t have to invest a lot of money out of my pocket to buy. It’s like one of those amazing “no money down” deals Robert Allen used to talk about, except money was put down on the property. The money was the commission check I earned selling it!

Why am I rattling off about all of this?

Because I was a doofus and didn’t do more of these deals.

This was my most profitable real estate transaction ever and I didn’t “see” it. I didn’t duplicate it. Dumb, I know.

I kick myself daily for not doing one of these deals each year. Had I just done ONE of these deals every year, I’d have ownership in 12 different apartment buildings. I’d also be collecting 11 additional monthly checks. If each check averaged $900 a month, this would be an additional $8,100 of monthly income. :0(

Believe it or not, it finally dawned on me that I could start this process now. :0)

This led me write a new marketing campaign designed to attract investors interested in apartment buildings. My plan is to use the commissions earned in each sale to become a partner in each property.

If you like this strategy and would like to do something similar, you can get my new marketing campaign here. It’s only 97 bucks and could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars of future income to you.

The new marketing campaign is titled “How You Can Collect 22 Checks a Month Investing in Apartment Income Properties.” The campaign includes a 12-page content report, and dozens of lead generation advertisements you can use to attract and convert leads for your business.

More importantly, I’m also going to give you a special free bonus with this marketing campaign. The bonus is my course on how to sell apartment buildings over the phone. In the course, I actually share everything you’ll need to sell apartment buildings over the phone. This includes the actual emails I used, the actual conference call recording, and other documents you’ll need to do your first deal.

You can order this campaign and get the special bonus here:

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