I was recently in Toronto to meet with a few of my Cashflownaire Members.

On the first night there, I was waiting in the hotel lobby to connect with the gang for dinner and happened to read this article about Danielle Steele.

Danielle Steele has written 179 books.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I put out a lot of content, most of which you don’t actually see, and my output doesn’t come close to what she’s accomplished.

She writes 7 novels every year and sometimes writes for 20 hours a day:

“She credits her boundless energy for her productivity and also her drive to push through moments when she’s stuck. “I keep working. The more you shy away from the material, the worse it gets. You’re better off pushing through and ending up with 30 dead pages you can correct later than just sitting there with nothing,” she advises. Her output is also the result of a near superhuman ability to run on little sleep. “I don’t get to bed until I’m so tired I could sleep on the floor. If I have four hours, it’s really a good night for me,” Steel says.

She has a sign on her office that reads, “There are no miracles. There is only discipline.” That’s pretty powerful, isn’t it?

Later that same night while drinking a bottle of red wine at dinner, we got into a little debate about what was the most important skill to teach our children.

One person at the table suggested that “work ethic” was the most important skill to pass along to our children.

I asked if it mattered where the work ethic was applied??? A work ethic is fantastic, if the person applies it to the right opportunities.

I could dig ditches for 20-hours a day and have an awesome work ethic but what good does that do?

Someone else at the table suggested that perseverance was the most important skill to pass along. He felt that this one skill is what saved his ass in the big crash. It also helped him build and sell a very large business. It’s hard to argue with this suggestion.

After going back and forth for a little bit on all of this, we came to the conclusion that DISCIPLINE is the most important skill to develop in ourselves and to teach to our children.

Discipline compels you to do what you need to do when you don’t want to do it. It’s the ability to overcome temptations to do less, and it will allow us to improve EVERY area of our lives.

It’s the ONE thing we should all be working to improve on a daily basis.

This is why I always include a special Badass Challenge in my Cashflownaire Newsletters. These challenges help us build discipline. They make us better. They make our lives better.

You can become a Cashflownaire Member here.

If you do, be warned that this month’s challenge is very hard. It will get you in shape very quickly, but you certainly won’t enjoy it!

But then again, there are no miracles… only discipline.

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