The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck – How to Stop Spending Time Your Don’t have with People You Don’t Like Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do.”

Um, best book title ever? Possibly! What an awesome book. Yes, it’s a twist on the popular Japanese decluttering and organizing book.

In this book, the author shares how she transformed her life from caring too much about stuff that really doesn’t matter to caring more about stuff that really does matter. It’s both funny and thought provoking at the same time. She wrote:

“I’ve developed a program for decluttering and reorganizing your mental space by not giving a fuck, wherein not giving a fuck means not spending time, energy, and/or money on things that neither make you happy nor improve your life (annoy), so that you have more time, energy, and/or money to devote to the things that do (bring joy). I call it the NotSorry Method. It has two steps:

1. Deciding what you don’t give a fuck about
2. Not giving a fuck about those things”

Love it!

After reading this book, I decided to make a list of things I’ve decided to not give a fuck about anymore. Understand that I probably gave way too many fucks about several of these things in the past. I’ve just decided to stop giving a fuck now and life is a lot better.

  1. All social media. Just don’t care about any of it. Number of followers. Number of likes. Number of “Retweets”. Number of friends. Don’t. Give. One. Fuck. I would rather read a book about not giving a fuck.
  2. Search engine optimization, number of visitors, and comments for any of my websites. To be honest, I really don’t care about any of this stuff. It really doesn’t matter to me anymore since I’m no longer trying to sell anything. I have nothing to optimize and it is pretty nice.
  3. Celebrities and fashion. I’ve never really cared about any of this stuff, but I thought I would put it on the list. I prefer jeans and a t-shirt and don’t give one fuck about any celebrity.
  4. Awards and All Certifications. I remember how hard I worked to become a CPA and now I could care less. Or how in my early real estate career, I wanted to obtain the various professional designations, CRS, GRI, ABS, etc. No one cares about this stuff and it won’t help you sell any homes. Just be kick-ass instead.
  5. Credit scores. Simply bullshit.
  6. Meetings, webinars, conference calls, etc. For the most part, they’re a waste of time.
  7. Having a certain net worth. I prefer to give my fucks to passive monthly income instead.
  8. Being popular. It makes me laugh watching some of the parents at my kid’s schools. They’re working really hard to be part of the “cool” parent group. Really? Shouldn’t we have outgrown this a few years ago?
  9. The news and weather forecasts. The weather forecast (at least here in Ohio) is almost always wrong and I can’t understand why so many people care so much about them? The news is just click-bait and 99% negative. Complete Debbie-downer. Don’t really give a fuck about either.
  10. Status symbols and the Joneses. Life gets a lot easier when we stop comparing ourselves to everyone else. John’s car is nicer than mine? Bill’s house is bigger than mine? Don’t give a fuck.

Sarah Knight wrote:

“The first time I met someone who just didn’t give a fuck was in my early twenties. We’ll call him Jeff. A successful business owner with a large circle of friends, Jeff simply could not be bothered to do things he didn’t want to do. An yet, he was widely liked and respected. He was perfectly nice, sociable, and well-though-of-guy, but he clearly reserved his fucks for things that were especially important to him – have a close relationship with his kids, playing golf, catching Jeopardy! every night. The rest of it? Could. Not. Give. A. Fuck. And he always seemed so positively self-satisfied and, well, happy.”

Be like Jeff.
Stop giving so many fucks.

    12 replies to "The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F@#k"

    • John Mazzara

      Loved your analysis. Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t agree more.

    • Financial Nirvana Mama

      I love it all! Great stuff here, What a great list. Very refreshing to read:)

    • John Faire

      Where can I buy book?

      • Robert Minton

        You should be able to buy the book at any book store, or on Amazon.

    • JJ Dege

      Rob, the Dude is growing in you!!!
      Just awesome stuff, I guess it is all alright…
      Take care Bud and many thanks.

    • Ty Lacroix

      Now, there is a book I do give a f##k about! Well done!

    • Robin

      Great article! I have progressed over time not to care as much and it’s good to see that others feel that way too. Maybe it’s age and wisdom. If only I could get my teenage daughters to not care so much about being popular and how many “likes” they get daily on their social media.

      • Robert Minton

        I agree 10000% regarding our kids. I have no idea why social media so important to them. In fact, they seem to make a BIG deal about almost everything. I would love to have a children’s version of this book!

    • Tom Volkar

      Love the lesson. I was enthused to see that so many on your list are determinations made by others outside of you. Well done!

    • Gerardo Cornejo

      This is brilliant! Great way to start my Wednesday morning. Now if you read this, respond to it, or ignore it… I DONT GIVE A F…! haha

      Thanks Robert

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