I had to take a cooking class in high school.

At the time, I hated the class. However, I ended up learning a lot and have used what I learned throughout my life. Remember, this was back in 1986 before cooking was cool. There were no celebrity chefs back then.

In the class, we also learned how to properly set a table (Really, I’m not kidding)!

Our teacher explained how important a proper centerpiece is for completing the table. A centerpiece is a decorative piece displayed in the middle of the table.

Well, we have this new centerpiece on our table:

Our new table centerpiece is a large bowl of quarters. Sadly, my crappy pictures don’t show how many quarters are in there.

I brought these quarters home a few weeks ago. They came from money machines we own with a few partners. I dumped them all into the bowl and put them at the center of our kitchen table. I figured it was a “unique” centerpiece and would provide an interesting topic of conversion when guests were over.

“A quarter for your thoughts…”

My wife didn’t agree and the centerpiece is no longer on our table. 🙁

She just doesn’t seem to have the same flare for design that I do. LOL.

Sadly, my new centerpiece was divided up into 76 rolls of quarters that were taken to the bank. And let me tell you, it was one of the heaviest deposits I’ve ever made.

You might be wondering why I would share this dumb centerpiece story?

Well, um…. because I’ve written about these quarters and how you can acquire money machines in my June Cashflownaire Newsletter, which will be released this coming week. And as luck would have it, you can become a Cashflownaire Member here:


Believe it or not, I also had to take a photography class back in high school, too. It sure doesn’t show based upon these pictures! This was obviously before digital photos. We actually learned how to develop film in a dark room. I can still smell the strong chemical smell today.

P.S. I also had to take a typing class, sewing class and a woodworking class, too. I made the ugliest grocery list holder that my mother kept for years.

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