Many years ago, a good friend in one of my mastermind groups recommended a book written by Gene Simmons. I think the book was “Sex Money Kiss.” In the book, Gene Simmons detailed what would be his perfect day. I’m not going to repeat his perfect day, but the idea of thinking about having a perfect day stuck with me. At the time, my thinking was to plan and create ONE perfect day.

This book was recommended to me because of Gene Simmons’s work ethic and his financial success. Simmons is an incredible business man and you really can see why in his book. He works non-stop and has built an empire. When I read the book, I was busy building two businesses and worked seven days a week. I viewed work and pursuit of financial goals as my primary focus.

Fast forward to today and I have a completely different mindset.

Today, I’ve no longer worry about massive productivity. I do my best not to overvalue money. I don’t chase every opportunity. I focus more on enjoyment than on accomplishment. These changes have been extremely helpful!

However, the biggest change was to stop thinking of the “perfect day” as a special once in a lifetime opportunity. I finally realized that we can make EVERY day a perfect day.

This process starts by thinking about what your perfect day would look like. Take a few minutes and think through this for yourself.

When would you wake up?
What would you eat for breakfast?
What would you do in the morning?
What would you do for lunch?
What would you do in the afternoon?
What would your dinner be like?
How would you spend your evening?
Would you stay home all day, or would you go out?
If you would go out, where would you go?
Who would you be with?
Would you exercise?
Would you read?
Would you work on a project?
Would you take a nap?
Would you work on a hobby?
Would you be with friends or family?

Really take some time to think about this. It’s very important. This is your life.

Got your answers? Awesome.

Now design your life so you can live like this every day.

Live like this every day you might question????? YES!

NavalThe reason why this is so important is because you will squander your life if you don’t design it around how YOU really want to live.

Truth be told…. other people will design your life for you. These other people will be your employer, your clients, your customers, your spouse, your kids, and your family.

To see this in action, simply ask yourself how much of your time today is yours? Out of every hour of the day today, how much time are you able to do what you really want to do? 5%, 10%, 20%? If you’re honest, the percentage of your time that is truly yours is very small. It certainly was for me.

Just thinking about this is how you start to change your life. You may not be able to live your perfect days starting tomorrow, but you can make progress with a plan. A plan you design for your life.

Don’t allow limiting beliefs tell you this isn’t possible. It certainly is.

Really, as far as we know, we’ve got one shot at this thing called life.




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