Do you live your life by a set of rules or a certain life philosophy? I’m sure you do to some extent. You know, “Treat others as you want them to treat you?” Now your rules may not be written down, but you follow them regardless. Your life rules were probably formed by trial and error over years of lessons learned through various successes and failures.

So the question you’ve got to ponder is should you have a philosophy for business? I do. My philosophy developed over years in the trenches from making mistakes and from learning from those mistakes. Here’s my business philosophy:

1. Our business(es) should be designed to enhance our lives. Most small business owners operate under an opposite philosophy. Their lives revolve around their businesses.

2. Consistent lead generation is as important for business as breathing is to life.

3. The most productive use of our time is creating “sales assets” for our businesses.

4. The quality of leads generated is more important than the quantity of leads generated.

5. In building complete businesses with multiple front-end and back-end income streams.

6. Systems are the key to consistent income, wealth and freedom.

7, Resourcefulness is most important quality an entrepreneur can develop.

8. Money follows speed. Take action quickly on good ideas.

9. Pay attention to all successful businesses and copy what you see working in other industries inside your business.

10. We must consistently track, monitor and measure. This applies to lead generation, lead conversion, and client retention.

11. Most people believe in constant and never ending improvement. However, constant and never ending testing is better.

12. Time is more important than money.

13. Our health is our most important asset.

14. Uninterrupted time away from business is critical for success and happiness. This means we have to shut our cell phones off and disconnect from the internet frequently. Everything will be okay. Really it will.

15. Mistakes, setbacks and challenges help us become better entrepreneurs.

16. Life is short and it’s important to laugh, play and have fun. Building a business is really a big game. Don’t take things too seriously.

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