I may be the king of three periods…  I seem to use them on a daily basis…  Not sure why…

I was recently going through some of the drawers in my office and I found an old birthday card my wife gave to me. I had saved this particular card because it was awesome. It’s probably my favorite card. It’s so good that I thought I would share it with you…


You and I, years and
years from now,
cruising along some coastal
highway with the top down,
stereo blasting,
the wind whipping our hair.
Whatever we want to do,
we do it.
No agenda, no schedule,
nobody else
to worry about.

We travel the country,
buying silly T-shirts
and sending postcards,
stopping at tiny
roadside cafes
in search of the
world’s best
blueberry pie.

No hurry. No rush.
Relaxing in the comfort
of a lifetime
of companionship.

You and I…
lovers, friends, partners
on this road of life.


See why I saved it?

As I read this old card again, I started wondering about living this way now…